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An automobile tire is inflated to a pressure of 31.2 psi. Express this pressure in atmospheres, kilopascals, inches Hg, millimeters Hg and torr.

Hint: 1 atm = 101.3 kPa = 29.92 in Hg = 760 mm Hg = 14.69 psi = 760 torr

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billrussell42 06/20/2018.

1 atm = 101.3 kPa = 29.92 in Hg = 760 mm Hg = 14.69 psi = 760 torr

31.2 psi x 760 torr/14.69 psi = ____ torr

31.2 psi x 760 mm Hg / 14.69 psi = ____ mm Hg

31.2 psi x 29.92 in Hg torr/14.69 psi = ____ in Hg

31.2 psi x 101.3 kPa / 14.69 psi = ____ kPa

31.2 psi x 1 atm / 14.69 psi = ____ atm

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pisgahchemist 06/20/2018.

Chemistry and gas pressure....

"A tire is inflated to a pressure of 31.2 psi." No, not really. If that is what the gauge indicates, that isn't the actual pressure in the tire. We can convert the number. That's easy enough. But to did a little deeper you need to understand "gauge pressure." That is the pressure that the tire gauge indicates, which is in excess of the ambient pressure. Do this: Let all the air out of the. (Good luck). The gauge will read zero PSI, but the tire will still contain air at the pressure of the atmosphere. If this were done at sea level it would be about standard pressure (14.7 PSI). Therefore, when your gauge reads 31.2 PSI, the actual pressure in the tire is 45.9 PSI. Tires are rated for gauge pressure, not the actual pressure. So when the placard on the side of the door, or in your manual, says to run 30 PSI, that's the gauge pressure.

31.2 PSI x ( "standard pressure" / 14.7 PSI) = converted pressure. ............. PSI cancels out and leaves the units of the "standard pressure."

hcbiochem 06/20/2018.

You can use conversion factors derived from the statement of equivalent pressures. So, for example to convert to torr, you can use a conversion factor (760 torr / 14.69 psi), and multiply that by the tire pressure in psi:

31.2 psi X ( 760 torr / 14.69 psi) = 1614 torr

You can do each calculation beginning with the 31.2 psi, or you can use what you get in one problem to move to the next. Just be sure to set up the conversion factor so that the units you are after are on the top and the units you are converting from are in the bottom.

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