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For some odd reason i sometimes believe jesus died for our sins, sometimes i do. How can i fix this ? Im very scared and now im just thinking " if im going to hell why not kill myself ?" can someone please tell me this is ? The devil? My teacher told me its him, but i have no problems fighting him off. Is...

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? 05/25/2018.

You are right, Jesus died for us and there is sufficient evidence in the bible to prove this. And yes it is the devil that tells you to kill yourself. Please dont. When you accept him as your Lord and Savior he gives you such peace that you can not imagine. Get to read the bible and find a bible believing church where you can hear the word of God regularly and fellowship with other Christians. This will encourage and strengthen you.

? 05/25/2018.

could have been funnier but not bad

Sebastijan 05/25/2018.

None of that is real.

God, the Devil, hell. There isn't even sufficient evidence to prove that Jesus actually existed. So there is no point in being scared of something that isn't real.

Pamela 05/25/2018.

Jesus invites us to know Him personally. The stronger our connection with Him, the greater His help, presence and power.

He wants to give us peace, hope, joy, strength, encouragement, assurance, instruction, guidance and wisdom. The catch is- if we don't walk daily with Him, if we're not actively seeking Him and asking for these things, we won't get them.

No healthy strong relationship is automatic. We have to nurture the ones we want to keep healthy and strong. A relationship with Him and all the benefits that come with it are no different.

Cheese Us 05/25/2018.

Your rational brain is telling you that it's all nonsense. Listen to it.

Ethan Chronicle 05/25/2018.

Seek therapist. You seem to be mentally disturbed

pat c 05/25/2018.

Give up that nonsense and join the real world. There is nothing to be afraid of.