How would you punish your teenage daughter (16) after you found cigarettes in her room?

Anonymous 05/21/2018. 14 answers
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linkus86 05/28/2018.

Halt any money being given to her. Cigarettes are expensive and if she has proven she can't be trusted with your money if she is going to buy cigs. I don't think the lecture is necessary anymore. Everyone now knows exactly how bad cigarettes are now. I would probably ground her for a couple of weeks too for breaking the rules, but not specifically for smoking. Doing so will just motivate her to do the opposite. And lastly I would call her friend's parents to make them aware of the possibility their kids are doing the same thing. When kids think the parents are working together its kind of frightening to them.

Dancing Imu 05/25/2018.

Take away anything that she might enjoy; a cellphone, a computer, sexy clothes, and keep her on a very short leash for the entire Summer. Like, let her out for two hours once a week. Make her watch videos of people with cancer explaining why they wish they hadn't smoked because now they're dying a slow, painful death. Remember, you're the parent. Whatever you say, GOES.

COMPTON 05/25/2018.

take everything she have and love (cell phone, tablet, computer, etc). empty her closet and buy her a few used clothes (something she'll be ashamed of) then she'd get it straight cause the things you took are the things she want.

edward 05/25/2018.

Light them all at once, make her room smell like those stinky sticks

Charlie 05/25/2018.

Show her videos online about cigarettes and tabacco where people ended up doing these things and end up getting all these deseases as a result and tell her " This could happen to you if you don't stop smoking". You should also explain to her that tabacco is actually in cigarettes and show her some public service anouncements on the internet about smoking.

? 05/25/2018.

Take away her allowance and privileges ... leave her to attend to herself if she refuses to comply by your requests...if she wants to make adult choices hen she should be held responsible for herself.

Rosalie 05/25/2018.

Look for Youtube clips from Rachel Ray, Doctor Oz about what healthy lungs and smokers lungs look like. Look up medical information- not just internet crap, but American Lung Association information on what smoking does.

And make her watch it with you, for a very long time.

This isn't about punishment, it's about education.

Tishebee 05/25/2018.

Ban her from cigarettes until she's old enough to move out of your home and make that decision. Keep snooping, that's what's missing out of parenting these days. Check her lockers, backpacks, closets etc. as often as you want, it's your house and you are responsible for her at this time. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interact with your child. Teens can be very difficult years for you and the child. Hang in there, she'll appreciate it when she's grown and maybe a mother herself.

? 05/25/2018.

i would take them away and have a talk with her to find out why she started smoking and teach her about the consequences of smoking. sadly not much you can do at that age, in less than 2 years she will be 18 and can smoke legally. hopefully she will realize how harmful smoking can be.

Anonymous 05/25/2018.

I would force her to smoke an entire pack or even two of them, until she gets very sick. I'm sure she will never smoke again. That's what my parents did 20 years ago when they caught my brother smoking and to this day he hasn't touched another cigarette.

Mark 05/25/2018.

Grounding for 4 weeks and no cell phone.

Maybe a short 30 min video alng with that.

Most important is educating yur child on health risks.

Anonymous 05/25/2018.

I'm with Patrick4024. This is an educational opportunity to help her understand the addictive nature of tobacco products, how the companies encourage it, and what it does to the human body.

Punishing her won't stop her from thinking it's cool and adult. Teaching her will.

? 05/25/2018.

ground her

Patrick4024 05/25/2018.

I might not punish her, but try and get her to realize that by the time she is in her 20s, she will regret having started smoking. Punishment will not deter something like this.