How would you react if your 17 year old daughter came home with a tattoo on her hand?

Anonymous 05/20/2018. 23 answers
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Dancing Imu 05/25/2018.

I'd sue the person who tattooed a 17 year old without parental consent, and turn her right around and take her to the dermatologist the next day to have it lasered off. A tattoo that shows anywhere will lower your chances of getting a job, all other things being equal.

? 05/23/2018.

I’m too young to have a 17 year old, but if I was a parent, only things that are a threat to health and safety would bother me. The problem with most people of the older generation is that they get bothered about things that causes relatively no harm to others or themselves. It’s pathetic, their way of thinking is pathetic, their logic is pathetic, they make laws that are pathetic, but in this case it is fortunate that no one lives forever, soon the younger generation will bury these dinosaurs along with their pathetic views

? 05/23/2018.

I'm a biker so wouldn't mind, but I would be angry with the tattoo artist for giving a tattoo to someone under 18.

? 05/22/2018.

She could’ve married a 57 year old man and gotten pregnant. Tattoos are permanent, but children are pretty permanent too.

? 05/21/2018.

Laser removal is painful and the perfect punishment. Make her pay for removal too.

choko_canyon 05/21/2018.

I would ask to see it, and tell her what I thought about it. What I thought about it would depend on what the tattoo was, and how well it was done.

edward 05/21/2018.

Ask her where she got it and then tell her to sue the tattoo parlor for giving a tattoo to an underaged girl without parental consent. With the easy money you’d get in the settlement i’d punish her and get it lasered off

CantHaveItBothWays 05/21/2018.

I would not mind the fact that she got a tattoo. My problem would be that she got it illegally since she was underage. She only had to wait a few months. I would have to think of a creative punishment.

Anonymous 05/21/2018.

grab a knife and remove it

perfectlybaked 05/21/2018.

There are worse things... or perhaps worse places (to get a tattoo).

Blue Sky 05/23/2018.

I'd be having a chat with whomever did it.

? 05/23/2018.

I would flip my **** and sue the tattoo parlor that inked a minor without parental consent

Anonymous 05/23/2018.

I would tell her to show me her hand and then take a closer look at it

? 05/21/2018.

I would be upset as things like that can be a disaster at a job interview as many employers do not want tattooed people fronting the public in their business. Television is the blame for this explosion in tattooing as it seems many young rock stars and entertainers are covered in them. It seems as so you have to be a freak covered in Tattoos and piercings to be a person on tv now. Young people don't consider the long term problems from tattoos such as possible blood Bourne diseases, lack of employers willing to employ tattooed people, and the fact they are forever and many older people wish they had never got them.

when they were young.

Maybe explain why she should not get anymore if she wants a decent life. In my country we have laws against people under 18y/o being tattooed by professional tattoo artists. Maybe check the laws where you live as maybe causing trouble for the tattoo artist will make her guilty about getting any more tattoos.

conley39 05/21/2018.

I'd be unhappy

Anonymous 05/21/2018.

she would get a slap. at least one.

at 17 she is still a child and its illegal for her to get a tattoo...

Judy & Charlie 05/21/2018.

Well, first of all, this is permanent and will be with her when she is an old lady and someone's grandma.

My first worry is where did she get this done? Are they licensed by the Department of Health? Did they know she was a minor and who gave them permission (in some states this is considered minor surgery like getting ears pierced)? I would ask her and EXPECT an honest answer or privileges would be taken away (bye,bye telephone for awhile!)

Then, depending on yourself and what you want to do, you can go and confront the manager of the tattoo parlor where she had it done. You can file a complaint with the police, if you want to.

But more importantly, I would have to have a long, long talk with my daughter about issues of trust.

? 05/21/2018.

as long as its nothing inappropriate i would just tell her it looks nice...

? 05/21/2018.

You got a tattoo? That would be my reaction.

Omg 05/21/2018.

I don't think I'd care too much. I'd wonder where she'd gotten the money and permission. Depending on those answers, I could be upset.

Anonymous 05/23/2018.

I would mark her I8th birthday on my calndar.

Tell her she's on her own when that day coms.

I will not tolerate that behavior in my house!

PR 05/21/2018.

All mine got tattoos, and they are very conservative people. My son got one at 18 but hid it under his sleeve for awhile.

My daughter got a musical staff on her ankle in college. Her sister, the most conservative, got a horse skeleton on her ankle. She loves horses. I tried not to freak.

Your daughter is obviously trying to assert some level of independence. It isn't that long that she will be old enough to make all her own decisions with or without permission. Try to be in her ballpark, so you can be part of the game, sometimes.

The most important thing is that it was done at a reputable studio. Talk with her so she understands how these decisions should be made, and what to consider for the sake of her health. This way, she will have more understanding in how to move forward as an adult in future decisions.

Then, check on the reputation of the studio.

Also, be sure she knows how to care for the tattoo at this point. There are very specific guidelines in regards to skin care.

OwlTrading 05/21/2018.