Does lusting after not-totally-naked one-dimensional videos count as committing adultery in his heart since theres no real woman walking by?

Anonymous 05/18/2018. 7 answers
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sheloves_dablues 05/25/2018.

No. It counts as mentally ill.

LizB 05/25/2018.

The woman in the video is a real woman, just so you know. There's not some kind of reality disconnect between the porn you watch and the actors who make it, they are living, breathing people with lives of their own. Although I don't consider finding a person other than your spouse attractive as adultery (acting on it is what makes it adultery), I think you could stand to be reminded that women are human beings, not objects that exist solely for your pleasure.

ChemFlunky 05/25/2018.

I really think the Creator of the entire universe has... much more important things to worry about than the pantsfeelings of, well, anybody.

Reynaldo Weeks 05/25/2018.

Geez, another example what will happen to the section when elementary schools let out for Summer break.

? 05/25/2018.

Who cares? Their bible is a ripoff of much older religions. There is NOTHING original in it.

Punkin eater 05/25/2018.

Heck, on Tumblr they marry anime characters,

but I don't know if that's adultery either.

Gomakawitnessofjesus 05/25/2018.


you have to put into submission all thought and just and keep your seed , gird up your loins and pray to God for help