I don't mean to rant about my child but motherhood is not enjoyable?

Anonymous 05/17/2018. 9 answers
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My 10 year old child seems to be regressing and not only that , he is constantly complaining and asking for toys . Nothing is ever good enough , he's failing at school .. I tried very hard to study with him but he has yet to bring home a good report card.. We used to do fun things and I would sign him up for...

9 Answers

PR 05/25/2018.

Are you doing this alone? If that's the case, you need some help. That might be a grandparent, Aunt, uncle, friend.

Find some resources to get some help. If you are overwhelmed, it's going to show in your son and his behavior.

Take some time to go on vacation with your son, time for recreation, time just to talk.

Is your son ADHD? If so, reduce sugar intake and junk foods. Hey him OUTSIDE for exercise and play.

Gaia’s Garden 05/25/2018.

Your job as a parent for his academics is to provide a quiet time and place for him to study. You already went to school, you shouldn’t have to study with him. Do the fun things with him again as a reward for studying Don’t expect A’s but do tell him he needs to pass.

Star_of_Darkness 05/25/2018.

He doesn't have ADD or ADHD, any one who thins that or claims that is sick . You have a NORMAL child who is spoiled and needs a smacking, not to be put on dangerous meds and have a label slapped on him.

If he's whining for toys then its YOUR fault that he's whining for things. You need to go into the room and take everything out and he keeps only what you allow him to keep and don't buy him any more toys since he will just whine for more.

He is failing at school due to YOU not making him study.

? 05/25/2018.

Change the program then ma..the junk ur trying is NOT working so try another path. AND ask for help from outside resources..there r plenty of programs to help u and many r FREE...Even RIP (regional intervention program) is free and helps set families on a path by retraining the parents how to do differently so the kid will respond well.

? 05/25/2018.

Be patient with him as a true mother would be. And if it’s too much of an issue with you, maybe you should’ve waited until you decided to mother your child.

Tri-Harder 05/25/2018.

So how is he doing with the tutor you hired?

Anonymous 05/25/2018.

"motherhood is not enjoyable" What's your point? Please tell me you didn't procreate for your own pleasure.

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Anonymous 05/25/2018.

Some kids just don't do well.