If your husband was killed in a car accident would you raise your kid(s) by yourself?

? 05/17/2018. 10 answers
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Suzy Q 05/25/2018.

Well yeah, of course. It's not like I have a backup guy standing by to play daddy in case daddy #1 kicks the bucket.

? 05/25/2018.

I would HAVE to.

Candycane 05/25/2018.

Yes until I married again or they were grown up. But no I would not give them up just because my husband died.

sheloves_dablues 05/25/2018.

I was widowed at 22. My husband died in a car accident. Would I raise our child by myself? WHAT OTHER FOCKING CHOICE DOES A PERSON HAVE?

Good grief.. People die all the time.. Their children are raised by the other parent all the time.. It's not something you get a choice of..

edward 05/25/2018.

If my wife died i would try my best to raise our child on my own but i’m always surrounded by family

Anonymous 05/25/2018.

No. I would sell them to the highest bidder

What a ridiculous question. Of course I would raise my children by myself.

Pearl L 05/25/2018.

probably, i wouldnt have much choice unless you met someone and got married later

BlueChief 05/25/2018.

Well what else are you to do?

? 05/25/2018.

What other option is there?

? 05/25/2018.

no way to know for sure