Should I go to college o just go for it?

Anonymous 04/16/2018. 5 answers
Education & Reference Higher Education (University +)

I’m trying to make a decision. Go to a four year college for a bachelor degree in film or move out and do it being self taught.

5 Answers

? 04/16/2018.

Well, how much do you know? Do you know enough to teach yourself?

Remember, you will be competing with film makers who have bachelors degrees, masters degrees, and experience.

Pearl L 04/16/2018.

it might help to go to college so they can teach you how to do it

? 04/16/2018.

hopefully you have some savings. it's very difficult to make money in the entertainment industry. though not impossible. at least when you're in school, you can look for internships within that field. and maybe some would be in studios or other similar businesses to help get you a job when you graduate. as some companies to hire on interns when they graduate, since they already know the business and it'll be a smooth transition. so if you know what schools you want to go to, contact a professor or counselor there, and see if they partner with companies for internship programs. or just look online your self in that area.

? 04/16/2018.

It depends what you want to do for a career. Being self-taught won't get you the credentials you need to qualify for jobs that require a college education. That only maybe works if you're entering a career whose entry-level positions can be obtained without a college degree or if you are planning on being self-employed, so long as schooling is required for licensure.

Also, know that true autodidacts are rare. People who plan on being self-taught rarely to never actually teach themselves in four years anywhere near how much they would've learned in college. That's because the level of self-discipline that requires is beyond most people's abilities, let alone willingness, and because there is much you can't teach yourself because you are relying on a teacher that lacks any expertise in the field--relying on a teacher that doesn't know any more than you already know.

A.J. 04/16/2018.

If you do not have contacts in the industry, nor know filming techniques, college is a place to get both. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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