Why doesn't google maps show me where my local African consulate is?

? 04/16/2018. 5 answers
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I saw these corrupt low level city cops look at my black friend kinda funny. I told him 2 call his consulate & he said blacks didn't have one.


So I went on google maps and saw.. That he was Right!!

How Racist 2 deny African Americans consular services!!

5 Answers

Maxi 04/19/2018.

Africa is a continent, so if you are looking for a consulate that covers a whole continent of independent countries you will not find one, which is why google map doesn't show non existent consulates

Anonymous 04/17/2018.

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There are 54 recognized states, and two states whose independence is disputed (Western Sahara and Somaliland).

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, both by land area and population.

For the addresses: [ Upenn.edu Link ]

Anonymous 04/17/2018.

Tighten the bolts on your Troll Thinking Cap.

viablerenewables 04/17/2018.

The country of origin supplies the consular not the USA. Why does the USA citizen have to foot other country's bill?

John W 04/17/2018.

Africa isn't a country. You should have paid more attention in school.