I got a call from someone saying they were from microsoft and they threaTened to shut down my computer. Can they do that?

kim 04/16/2018. 7 answers
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? 04/16/2018.

First off they are not with Microsoft Microsoft does not call People app on the phone or send them pop ups it's a hacker immediately hang the phone up unplug your computer from the internet clear your Java catch in the control panel uncheck the box that says keep temporary files app on my computer that's under the general settings tab in Java then install and run CC cleaner to clean out your browser install and run Malwarebytes if you see one of those pop ups on your computer use the task manager to close the browser and repeat the process I just told you never fall for this scam make yourself a system image of your computer on an external hard drive before you have a disaster

? 04/16/2018.

scam, cuss them out and tell them not to call you anymore.

Master Of Puppets 04/16/2018.

They can only 'shut down' your PC if you give them access.

Microsoft NEVER calls you. They don't even have your number unless you give it to them when you buy something from their online store and there is a problem with the order.

These are common tech support scams. They claim to be from Microsoft or a Microsoft Certified Partner. These calls are fake and scams.

They usually ask you to install a program like TeamViewer. These kinds of programs are legit; the programs themselves aren't dangerous or fake. This program allows them to remotely view and take control of your PC as if they were physically in front of it. It is useful for diagnostic purposes but can also be used for nefarious acts.

After they've connected to your PC they try to show you that your PC does have issues using built in Windows programs.

After they show you the "problems" they try to sell you a non existent protection plan for a 'nominal' fee of a few hundred dollars per year.


Completely fake. Hang up immediately. NEVER, EVER do what they tell you to do, even if it sounds "legit".

Matt 04/16/2018.

No, its just scammers calling you. Dont do anything they tell you.

Pete L 04/16/2018.

Microsoft don't ring people. They were scammers. Provided you don't download anything from them they cannot do anything to your computer.

How would someone know what system you were running anyway, you might have an Apple Mac or Linux instead of Windows.

If they contact you again just tell them you run Ubuntu Linux. They'll hang up straight away.

? 04/16/2018.

No, it's a scam.

? 04/16/2018.