Adoption help!! (In Michigan)?

Anonymous 04/16/2018. 7 answers
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We bought a husky puppy from them last year! This year they had pups again. They had 3 available, the one we originally wanted got adopted, the guy put a down payment on it then told them he didn’t want it and didn’t know if he could take care of it due to medical issues, so the breeder wasn’t going to him the pup...

7 Answers

PR 04/16/2018.

It sounds like that's the decision they've made, and you're going to have to understand. There will be other puppies.

E. H. Amos 04/16/2018.

It is NEVER an "ADOPTION" when you BUY a puppy from a BREEDER

*BITE YOUR TONGUE* for using such a Blasphemous misstatement of the ACTUAL FACTS! If the breeder took a deposit, it is entirely up to HER, what she does. Not up to us, or up to YOU.

IMO, the guy sounds very "shaky" as an owner if he changed his mind and wasn't going to take the puppy, due to MEDICAL ISSUES. he has essentially changed his mind TWICE. How good is the back-up plan, we don't know.

Unless there is a written & signed contract between both parties, she can return his money & say..." when he originally changed his mind and said he could not take the puppy- she found a new home for the puppy." And since Huskies are so EXTREMELY ACTIVE, it needs a physically fit, very active owner (in her opinion) - and she's sorry, but its done".

? 04/16/2018.

Let the breeder decide. She is the one that made the agreement with the other buyer.

Star_of_Darkness 04/16/2018.

You are not adopting. You are buying ill bred worhtless mutt puppies from a BYBer and allowing to them to breed more ill bred worthless mutt puppies that will end up in shelters and put down

A real breeder has all the puppies spoken for long before they are born. Its legal for the BYBer to give the person the ill bred mutt and not give you one.

poodle power 04/16/2018.

If I was this breeder I would simply return the deposit to the man. He doesn't sound ready for the huge responsible of puppy ownership . He's already changed his mind once claiming medical issue now all of a sudden in a very short time has sorted somethingo out ,sounds fishy to me. Not someone a reputable breeder would want one of their puppies going too. You haven't said if when people put a deposit on a puupy if there is a written signed agreement between the two parties .

Love my Newf 04/16/2018.

Adoption? Adoption is of HOMELESS animals from shelters You're talking about BUYING a puppy and sounds like a backyard breeders.

Why are you asking us what is up to the BREEDER to decide? It depends on what sort of contract he has with the other buyer.

Why are you dealing with this backyard breeder? Reputable breeders don't demands deposits for their puppies as they only have one litter a year so their pets are VERY desirable and reserved well in advance. This person wants deposits so you don't back out and they don't lose out on someone stupid enough to buy one of their ill bred puppies - TWICE!!!

Nekkid Truth! 04/16/2018.

He made a deposit.. So he is entitled to the pup as long as he is able to make the full payment.

The breeder COULD choose to give him a refund and not sell him a pup.. But he made the deposit in good faith to hold that particular puppy.