A sixteen year old boy died from a stupid system. Why?

beingagood1 04/15/2018. 9 answers
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He twice called 911 by his voice-recognition cell phone while trapped by a lethally misdesigned car seat, warning that he could not last much longer. He was 2 blocks away from his school. The police went round and round the school parking lot, saying, "Duhh - we can't seem to find him." Death by...

9 Answers

Athena 04/16/2018.


Absolutely nothing you sad is correct.

You could not have been more wrong if you had rolled word dice and put them in your answer.

STEVEN F 04/16/2018.

The ONLY part of your RANT I consider worth replying to is about locating the phone. The GPS coordinates the phone AUTOMATICALLY relays to the 911 system are sufficient to pinpoint location WITHOUT anything tied to cell towers.

Your statement there should be towers everywhere there is 911 makes it clear you have NO CLUE how ANY cellphone system works. It there wasn't ALREADY a tower, his 911 call would not have been possible.

W.T. Door 04/16/2018.

Despite the way it is portrayed on TV shows like CSI and NCIS police in the USA do not have access to the GPS feature on a mobile phone. The cellular provider can access the feature but it takes time and the provider often demands the police get a court order.

However, the tragic situation earlier this week is the fault of the police dispatcher. The victim > told her < he was in a gold-color Honda van in the parking lot of the school he attended and the dispatcher > did not < relay the information to the responding officers.

The dispatcher has been suspended pending disciplinary action and possible prosecution.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

You're the only person in the World who knows the car had a "lethally misdesigned car seat.." There has never been another incident.

If you watch the news you'll learn that apparently the Cincinnati, OH dispatcher thought this was a prank call. At this point no one is sure how the accident happened - prank that went wrong? A problem with the seat (which is currently working just fine)?

They GOT the call. They FAILED to provide the info to the Police who were searching the parking lot.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind how this kid managed to get himself stuck, never mind anything else.

babyboomer1001 04/16/2018.

If you read the article, it was the 911 operator (the same person reached both times) who failed to inform the police of the location of the boy in the car. She misdirected the police to his school. The school had five parking lots. The police spent 5 or 6 hours searching every one, no such car. The 911 operator is on unpaid leave. I expect she will be fired and probably sued for manslaughter. She was incompetent and it cost the boy his life. Very unfortunate. Those people are trained but, this woman either didn't take her job seriously or, for whatever reason, did not do her job properly. A very important job. I believe she should be held accountable. Very sad. I also hope that the parents sue Honda. I own a Honda and I love it but, this should never have happened. People regularly reach from the front seat to grab something in the back. The seats should not snap closed, trapping and squeezing the life out of someone. I think the seat was defective. The boy didn't deserve that.

Lili 04/16/2018.

This was a more complex failure than you are claiming, and it's going to take some time to figure out precisely what happened. Second-guessing, hindsight, from people like you, people who weren't there, won't help.

It never does.

? 04/16/2018.

You were not there, you cannot refer an misguidance in either the car or the police.

? 04/16/2018.

The police didn't believe it I guess.