What to liberals have to say now that Trump and Putin are officially enemie?

? 04/15/2018. 25 answers
Politics & Government Politics

After Trump ordered a military strike against Syria one of Russia's biggest allies, Putin was pretty angry and had some pretty strong words condemning Trump and the U.S. allied forces. Still think Trump works for Russia?.

25 Answers

Lolly 04/16/2018.

Well, Trump did warn Putin ahead of time about the strike on Twitter. It could have been a set-up.

? 04/16/2018.

Libtard fantasies will now go into emergency overdrive.

Maxwell 04/16/2018.

This is twice that Trump has blown up parts of Syria.....Liberals still won't admit their theory was wrong.

Larry Phischman 04/16/2018.

Lovers quarrel.

? 04/16/2018.

I am a Liberal. I adore Trump and am his biggest fan. Are you really dumb enough to believe me?

BlueNinjaLove 04/16/2018.

What do I have to say? I say Trump's attitude is a very transparent attempt to distance himself from Putin/Russia given the investigations that are still ongoing.

Joseph B 04/16/2018.

That does not disprove the idea that they once did, and actually, it would be rather consistent with the notion that Trump is a narcissist who is loyal only to himself.

ocularnervosa 04/16/2018.

Trump warned Putin of the strikes so the Russians had time to move all their equipment out of the way. Trump bombed empty buildings.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

An attack with three days prior notice?

Riiiiiiight. Enemies. Sure thing, cupcake.

Time Marches On 04/16/2018.

No. Trump only works for himself. He hates everyone except himself. Always has done.

Vincent G 04/16/2018.

Was Putin really angry, or just pretending to be?

And if Putin is angry, how much time before he releases the "pee tapes"?

? 04/16/2018.

Nothing to say, but some nice steaks I'd like to sell you. the best steaks, actually.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

Let's see Trump impose crippling, widespread and binding sanctions against Putin and his cronies. Like Putin gives a fig about a bunch of empty Syrian warehouses. Theater is what you've just witnessed.

Love me, Baby 04/16/2018.

Brain-dead libtards like ocularnervosa say, "Trump warned Putin of the strikes so the Russians had time to move all their equipment out of the way. Trump bombed empty buildings."

ha Ha, what a f_cking moron, that ocularnervosa.

[ Bloomberg.com Link ]

"the U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Winston Churchill churned toward the Mediterranean... It was a ruse."


"The cruiser USS Monterey fired 30 Tomahawks and the destroyer USS Laboon fired seven Tomahawks from the Red Sea. The destroyer USS Higgins fired 23 Tomahawks from the North Arabian Gulf, according to McKenzie."

Taylor b 04/16/2018.

I think it debunks the entire MUH TRUMP IS A RUSSIAN PUPPET narrative. it shows you how trash and untruthful mainstream media is. cnn is pure garbage

Dreadnought 04/16/2018.

Leftists say Trump is always wrong, no matter what.

StephenG 04/16/2018.

they are both intimate buddies in private, the public show is just that

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

Yeah ok. There are so many backroom deals you never hear about till decades later. The Cuban missile crisis is a good example, Russia agreed to leave Cuba if the USA dismantles nukes in Turkey. Looked like Russia backed down but reality surfaced decades later

Inquizetif 04/16/2018.

No doubt Liberals will claim that Putin is just acting a role to try to hide the relationship between the two. Liberals will never stop with the "Russian collusion" garbage. Liberals are so self-righteous that there is no chance that any will ever change their minds once they have decided that they hate someone. They are like whining children who will never believe that they can't get their own way.

The darling snowflakes can't bear to hear the truth. I love how these questions allow Liberals to display their prejudice, bigotry and arrogance. Nobody can tell a Liberal anything, they already know everything and anyone who thinks differently is either a fool or a liar.

? 04/16/2018.

Yes I do. Its pageantry, plain and simple

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

When a republican says mission accomplished we know it's fake news. Russia and Syria didn't even try to shoot down the missiles because they knew where they were going, Trump told them.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.


Syria: *shuffle* *shuffle* *move*

Trump: {bombs empty buildings}


Putin: You are such a naughty boy! *wink* *wink* *snicker* *snort*

TB12 04/16/2018.

Misdirection, illusion, empty gestures,,, you think Putin gives a schitt about a few Syrian warehouses. Anything Syria lost Russia will replace next week.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

How naive to think these two deviates are enemies. Putin was warned in advance of the strikes.

Mr. Wolf (same name since 2009) 04/16/2018.

No one can deny by tweeting the missiles are coming Trump gave the Syrian government a 3 day notice to move or to spread out their chemical weapons stock pile.

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