What's WARMEST state in United States?

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Live in Minnesota--Always snowing here--Wanna move somewhere always warm and no snow--What's warmest state in America?

11 Answers

No Chance Without Jesus 04/16/2018.

Humid Heat, Florida Dry Heat Arizona

Murzy 04/16/2018.


? 04/16/2018.

Hawaii, hope you are rich

christopher.matthew 04/16/2018.

It depends florida has the warmest and most humitidty in the winter time, so does Southeast Texas, but if youre looking for Hottest dry heat, That would be west Texas and Arizona where it's more dessert land

oldprof 04/16/2018.

The most temperate city in America is San Diego. It rarely gets real hot, but then it rarely gets real cold either. And it's dry, most of the time.

Asking for the warmest State is not a good question. California has the Salton Sea and Death Valley, which has reached as high as 129 deg F. But both those places turn cold in the winter.

What you want I think is a place where the weather rarely gets cold and wet in the snow. And that's San Diego, the city not the county.

? 04/16/2018.

arizona is pretty warm throughout the year, except the summers are brutal (it gets up to about 110-120°)

JoJo Potatoes 04/16/2018.

Minneapolis actually has more days / decade over 100 degrees than Sarasota FL. Look it up!

IOM 04/16/2018.

Florida. ☀️

L. E. Gant 04/16/2018.


? 04/16/2018.


? 04/16/2018.

South Florida