Is black xbox 360 backwards compatible with Xbox games?

zombiebrains99 04/15/2018. 6 answers
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I've been thinking of buying some old xbox games off of amazon but are they compatible with my black 360?

6 Answers

XxArkSlade028xX 04/17/2018.

Go to they have a list for what games are backward compatible for original xbox that can play on xbox 360 consoles and xbox one consoles.

You can try playing ninja gaiden awesome game series.

PoohBearPenguin 04/17/2018.

All Xbox 360 models - regardless of the color of their case - are backwards compatible with (some) Original Xbox games.

The Xbox 360 needs to have a hard drive installed (which all of the black models do) and needs the latest software update, obtained automatically by logging into Xbox Live.

SRΛSC 04/17/2018.

The model matters. Not so much the colour. The 360 E & S models (with a hard drive) can play select original Xbox games. The list is on (among other places).

Memelord Prime 04/17/2018.

It needs to have a hard drive installed, but yes. Xbox 360s can play a selection of original Xbox games. Some games run fine, and some may have issues due to the emulation.

The list of compatible games is here: [ Link ]

Dragos Drakkar 04/17/2018.

All Xbox 360 systems have the same backwards compatibility, but you must have an Xbox 360 hard drive in your system in order to do so. Flash memory (like a flash drive) will not work for this, neither will most unofficial hard drives that didn't come from Microsoft. Also note that not all Xbox games are backwards compatible, only some, and not all function quite correctly on the Xbox 360 either.

Edit: You may also have to start the games while connected to Xbox Live in order to get an update to run the games.

? 04/17/2018.

If you google xbox 360 backwards capability you can find a list of all the xbox games that will play on the 360. Not all xbox games will work