Am i allowed to be driving?

? 04/15/2018. 11 answers
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i got a DUI and when i got arrested the police confiscated my license and i have been having to drive around with a piece of paper saying what my BAC was and that i am allowed to drive. but on the piece of paper it says my license will expire on 4/12 and it s past that date, but my lawyer filed an appeal to get my...

11 Answers

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. DUIs are a CASH COW for every county/city. Make sure you have an official permit from the court though before driving (at least with a clear conscious...)

JetDoc 04/16/2018.

Sure! You can drive all you want until you get caught again. Then you'll probably spend a few nights in jail. Remember to sleep on your back with your mouth closed.

STEVEN F 04/16/2018.

If the paper states an expiration date, it IS NOT VALID after that date.

If you HAVE an attorney to appeal anything, you SHOULD have asked them this question BEFORE the paper expired.

babyboomer1001 04/16/2018.

Your answer is in what you wrote. You know that filing an appeal was a request to reduce the suspension. That request has yet to be ruled upon. If you are currently driving, you are driving without a license.

Spock (rhp) 04/16/2018.

ask your attorney -- he or she gets paid to explain this to you.

where this is happening, which we don't know, may make a big difference

Russ in NOVA 04/16/2018.

You failed to indicate you are state, and I don't know what this "piece of paper" is, but I know of no states that allow driving on a suspended license, period. If there is anyone that can tell you your driving status, it would be your attorney.

? 04/16/2018.

I would say no but since you have an attorney, why aren't you asking them?

? 04/16/2018.

Legally speaking, no you're not.

StephenWeinstein 04/16/2018.

I think the answer is no, but you should ask your lawyer.

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

You should know if you can drive or not, and not depend on Yahoo to tell you that.

? 04/16/2018.