Are the diamonds real or nah?

Anonymous 04/15/2018. 5 answers
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Doesn't even say like 10 carrot or whatever. I can not wear fake ice. What do...

5 Answers

Rosalie 04/16/2018.

It's trash, and not at all worth whatever they're charging- even if they say they're having a huge sale. The markup for that stuff in any big store is ridiculous. You can get much nicer things at a pawn shop.

Murzy 04/16/2018.

they are 17 facet diamonds (most better diamonds have 58 facets)

Sur La Mer 04/16/2018.

They're REAL, but the photo have been ENLARGED

Meaning: if you can't find it while the photo is enlarge, you won't be able to find a diamond, the size of crumb, more like a speck of sugar. It is also PLATED, so if you want to wear it everyday, they will wear out.

For that price, you can find REAL diamonds and one you can see and one that is 14KT gold, @ Pawn Shops, and one you can wear everyday!

It was $200, on sale for $80, the store still making $60 profit, and it's really worth $10. There is no trade-in value, and it is not even something you can take to a pawn shop, since they make very little money out of it!

In other words, you can easily find one USED @ Goodwill for $10.

L. E. Gant 04/16/2018.

At that kind of price, there's very little gold, and even that's gold plating on steel.

and "ct t.w." stands for "carat total weight" -- there's about 0.1 carats in the whole piece

? 04/16/2018.

it says 1/10 karat and plated gold. cant you read?