Should I become a welder?

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So I’m currently in welding II in highschool which is basically advancing welding. And I’m thinking of taking four years of it. I find it kind of rewarding finishing welds and I don’t mind getting dirty. But should I?

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Philomel 04/16/2018.

A good welder can make a decent living but more importantly, If you really enjoy it, If it is something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life as a career then definitely go for it. You should also keep your eye open to continuing education in new techniques and fields of welding like Tig, Mig, Arc and Gas Welding. If you work for a large corporation they may even assist you with tuition and book costs. You will need to commit to the night school time and apply yourself to get a passing grade because they may not pay for a C or worse grade.

Go for it. If you don't like it it will pay for a better degree in whatever you do like.

Lee26Caloo秦君子蘭 04/16/2018.

Someone has to do the dirty job because welding is needed in many fields. Besides, it is a well pay job and not difficult to learn at all.

Born Yesterday 04/16/2018.

Welding is an industrial art.

The art reference means that you join the group of rock stars,

Carnegie hall performers, tight rope walkers, and others who

survive on skill with no real profession.

The required knowledge of metallurgy is endless, and the

applications are critically important.

You'd be in a better position with friends or relatives in the trade,

but you can prosper by accepting the idea that you will be

required to learn continuously.

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Good luck.

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oldprof 04/16/2018.

That is an excellent question. If you like the work and are good at it, that would be a good career if...

...there is a market for welders. It would serve you no good purpose with the requisite welding skills and expertise if no one is hiring welders.

You need to look into the market for welders. First find out if there are people/places that hire welders. Then find out what entry level welders earn.

If all that looks good...go do it.

Mr. Smith 04/16/2018.

If you enjoy it and are good at it, it's a solid trade and skill with plenty of opportunities.