My dad is helping me get a car from dealership his credit is 700 and better the car is $14000 wondering if we could get car no money down?

Keyona Lane 04/15/2018. 5 answers
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5 Answers

KayleenR 04/16/2018.

Possibly , but dont

k w 04/16/2018.

maybe, but your main concern should be how reliable will this vehicle be ? THAT , is the most important thing ever about it, above and beyond how it looks, which is/was my primary focus til my dad told me about the APRIL edition of consumers report, that features used cars, but also BEST BETS in used cars based on their history in the dealers shop, simply go as far back as needed to reach your price point, then choose of the cars listed, which one you'd worked for me, and I used it to verify a bad deal for a co-worker as well.....should you run into trouble, you may want to use dads idea to find a reliable wishes

? 04/16/2018.

You can ask, I doubt it.

? 04/16/2018.

You'd have to ask the dealership.

ksgentleman70 04/16/2018.

Yes, he should be able to swing it with a 700 score.