Do I seek medical help?

Anonymous 04/15/2018. 11 answers
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I am an 19 year old girl and I have recently been struggling with my mental health. I have been feeling very down about everything recently but I have never been able to discuss my feelings, I don't know why I have just never been able to. I have been feeling worse over time, and even resulted to harming...

11 Answers

Serene E 04/16/2018.

1. exercise every day

2. sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

3. google "inspiritional quotes" on the internet, read 2-3 a day

4. help other people, animals, old people. Get outside yourself.

5. limit social media and computer time to 1-2 hours a day.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


741741 text line

And so what are you going to do about all of this????

options: get out and do volunteer work to help others

offer to walk neighbor's dogs to get some exericse,

help others, go see a doctor for help for your anxiety, medication or therapy get involved in a church or other community group

DON"T stay in your room alone

DON"T feel this is how you will always feel, that's not true

DON"T isolate yourself, that's the exact wrong thing to do.

Download the app, CALM. You need to try some meditation, relaxation.

You also need to google anxiety in teens. Try to find stuff to help you. You'll be an adult soon, you can’t hide. If you need more, go to a doctor, counselor, get meds, therapy.

? 04/16/2018.

I have been in a similar situation. As to seeing a doctor or not, do you think you will be able to feel better on your own? Does it help you to talk through your feelings? Consider a few things and then decide.

DeAnne 04/16/2018.

You are obviously suffering from depression. So tell a dr. how you feel and ask for Zoloft. It worked wonders for me. I no longer worry about what people think, I can speak up and even start conversation whereas before, I was afraid of people.

You may have trouble sleeping for the first 2-3 weeks but, after that, you will be a whole new, healthy, happy person.

Find a big happy church, attend age-appropriate groups and talk with the pastor.

God loves you more than you can possibly imagine :)

tellitlikeitis 04/16/2018.

It's actually very hard to go and tell someone that you are struggling with your mental health. You are displaying classic symptoms of a clinical depression though, and it's vital to go and get yourself diagnosed and get help. No matter how hard it is to spit it out, make yourself go and do it. It's the hardest part in all of this. Doctors have heard the same thing over and over and are used to dealing with it. They don't judge, they only want to help. Write down the way you are feeling, and if you are struggling with the telling, say so, and just hand over the sheet of paper. Once you've just said it all, you will instantly feel a bit better and your healing can begin.

boystownhotline 04/16/2018.

It sounds like this is very stressful as well as experiencing emotional stress. Is there someone that you can reach out to in regards to support and getting help? Sometimes it can help to talk to someone and tell them about what you are going through.

Please know that there are people who can and will help you with what you are going through, such as a hotline crisis counselor, school counselor, a therapist, a trusted adult, relative or a friend. Someone that can help you talk with your parents about seeking therapy services to help you with your mental health concerns.

Having a brain illness or experiencing trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other mood or anxiety disorders, when left untreated, unfortunately may lead to suicide.

You may want to consider talking with a counselor at a hotline. There are many hotlines that are 24/7 and will work with you and situations like yours. Some even have email and/or chat if you would prefer. Hopefully, you will continue to reach out!

Thank you so much for reaching out! It takes a great deal of courage to be able to tell people how you feel.

Keep safe and keep reaching out,

NK, Counselor

RWPossum 04/16/2018.

Maybe if you looked at a good self-help book, such as The Feeling Good Handbook by psychiatrist David Burns, it would ease your mind about therapy. It seems to me that a lot of people have false ideas about therapy that come from movies and TV. The therapy that's generally used for depression is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is about learning healthy attitudes and habits. It has absolutely nothing to do with Freudian therapy or the other analytic therapies aimed at changing personality.

Treatment usually begins with a visit to the GP, who can give you a physical and a referral.

About antidepressants, it's unusual for GPs to prescribe them for people your age. To me, it makes no sense for someone your age to take one unless maybe if prescribed by a psychiatrist instead of a GP.

In any case there are healthy lifestyle things you can use, and they make sense for you if only because everybody needs healthy lifestyle. I have info about this and other mental health topics in my answers.

Don't be afraid of exercise. Even light exercise - as little as 20 min brisk walking a day - can help, and you can add to that gradually so long as you don't get carried away, exercise too much, get sick of it and quit.

[ Link ]

Chrispy 04/16/2018.

Seeking professional help is absolutely something you should do. Just know that God has a special plan for your life, and you are valued and loved!

wilds_of_virginia 04/16/2018.

Yes, of course. I suffer from depression and my ex-wife has schizophrenia. I know the nature of mental illness and the healthcare systems quite personally. Go see a psychiatrist. He or she will put you on an anti-depressant, most likely Prozac, Zoloft, or Effexxor. These are SRRI's, the first line of treatment for depression. They boost serotonin levels in the brain and make you happier. It is certainly not a placebo. If these don't work or the side effects are too harsh, they will try others with work by some other mechanism of action.

Once you are stabilized, you should find a good counselor to help you work through the everyday challenges of living with a mental illness. Accept that you have a chronic illness (which might go away by itself), and deal with it. I did. We can talk more if you like, but this is the roadmap you should follow.

CG 04/16/2018.

I am assuming you are in the US. There is a National Suicide Hotline - not just for suicide, but also for people in mental distress. If you are harming yourself, you do need help (I used to do this myself and do have experience with depression and anxiety). Please call: 1-800-273-8255. It s free and its a step in the right direction.

? 04/16/2018.

Yes if you want, they’ll put you on a anti-depressant which is a placebo that helps

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

Take up exercising even if its just walking outside daily. Its great for morale and makes you feel alot better. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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