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? 04/15/2018. 7 answers
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Hello, I am 19, a second year college student and I have no idea about taxes.

I am not financially supported by my parents, I pay all my bills myself. I received a w2 from work, in 2017 I made $18,000, and in 2016 (which i haven t filed yet) I made $15,000. Can i file both together?

Also can I add my college...

7 Answers

k w 04/16/2018.

go to HR Block, and pay them to do it for you.......

StephenWeinstein 04/16/2018.

You cannot file them together. Even if you could, you would get back less money. But since you can't, you would get back no money.

The amount you get back depends more on the amount that was withheld than on the amount you made, so there is no way to guess based on the information you gave.

You don't have to worry about the deadline. You can file up to 3 years late and still get back the same amount as if you filed on time.

But you're already a year late for the 2016 W-2, so you only have two years left before you can't get anything for that year (if you go over 3 years late, then you get nothing).

Pascal the Gambler 04/16/2018.

No, each year is separate (filing both would be bad for you anyway). If you have a 1098 from the school you can use that, yes. No way to guess how much you would get back on so little info.

CarVolunteer 04/16/2018.

What you get back is determined by the tax you owe and what you had withheld. Also, "not financially supported" is a phrase often used by students who live in their parents' home when not at school and may still be (but not necessarily) dependents of their parents. You need the 1098 form from your school and not be a dependent. You say you have college tuition receipts, but you don't say whether you are a full time student. You need professional assistance, since you clearly aren't going to learn all you need to know by 4/17. Take Foofa's advice.

Max Hoopla 04/16/2018.

You file separate returns for each year. The college expenses on Form 1098-T can be taken as a credit.

Judy 04/16/2018.

No, you must file each year separately, using the form and rules for that year. If you use software, it must be for the right year. For any year when you were not a dependent, you can use info from your 1098T from your school. If you lived with your parents or in dorms over half of that year, you are most likely a dependent. From the info you give, there is no way to guess how much if anything you'll get back. And when you say you pay all your own bills, do you mean car, gas, insurance, and phone, or do you also rent your own place, and pay utilities and all other expenses?

Foofa 04/16/2018.

If you're confused file an extension then go see an accountant. But you'll have to file 2016 and 2017 separately on two different forms. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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