If feminists oppose the objectification of women, then why do they support slutty behavior and dress?

Anonymous 04/15/2018. 11 answers
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11 Answers

tehabwa 04/16/2018.

Because we recognize that people should have basic freedom, that’s why.

Uh, IF? That you are incapable of understanding that women are human beings, that’s not the fault of all the people who understand that women are human beings.

If you can’t even pretend to be a civilized human being, then it’s you that shouldn’t be among civilized beings. The civilized beings aren’t the problem.

? 04/16/2018.

because all women are addicted to male attention and will seek to rationalize this feminists are subject to the same biological forces that make all women crave our attention 24/7/365, narcissistic brain chemicals

? 04/15/2018.

I support women with slutty behavior and dress also

not 04/15/2018.

Watch "liberated". Good documentary, shows some of the ignorance of the people carrying these torches. Women still want to be desired and now to feel powerful so they tell themself they are in control of who gets a piece of tail. Womanizing guys are winning better than ever, she gives it up and leaves without being asked to go.

I've know several butch lesbians and a female to male trans in my life. They all act like the worst kind of male, the male every man dislikes. I think there is common mindset among people, mostly young people; that being liberated, being a man is the guy that is an obnoxious prick; womanizing, selfish, disrespectful. Many young women are attracted to that guy too, creating fatherless children regularly. So here these feminists are trying to be like that guy to be a winner.

Bill 04/15/2018.

Because feminists think women should be able to dress how they want without being treated any differently for it. Reality of course doesn't care what feminists think and continues to reinforce the idea that how you dress affects how people respond to you.

? 04/15/2018.

Feminists are brainwashed by the US government

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

Feminists specialize in contradicting themselves.

Typical Rat 04/15/2018.

I guess they think that woman choosing to dress and behave slutty > woman forced to dress conservatively, even though the former only makes men view them as a sex object even more.

rick29148 04/15/2018.

They are allowed to dress like whores, but we aren't allowed to look at them like they are, I think ..... ?

righteousjohnson 04/15/2018.

Because they are tired of having to always buy their own drinks.

? 04/15/2018.

because they are dumb

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