Does the right ever get tired of cutting down Obama and bitching about him?

Anonymous 04/15/2018. 38 answers
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Anonymous 04/16/2018.

Nope not as long as they have a breath in their cold crooked bodies are they going to stop ragging on former President Obama. And he's somewhere saying sticks and stones may break my bones but my bank account don't let me give a. shiit what people say a second thought.

Jedi Jan 04/16/2018.

No ... obviously. The heat gets so hot in their kitchens they flail about like mindless zombies. They cannot get their brains into gear long enough to realise that by blaming Obama for every silly trifle, they are making themselves sound even more stupid than they ever did before.

Katz22 04/15/2018.

No, the hatred of Obama has no limits.

tellitlikeitis 04/15/2018.

What I find amusing is how much Obama still seems to be a name on many lips. Uniquely for an ex-President, he's still being talked about almost as much as when he was in office. That's got to be a first, whether what's being said is critical, or not. Most ex-Presidents fade into the background quickly after leaving office, but the general public itself, and especially his most vociferous critics, are keeping Obama in the limelight.

Full Circle 33 04/15/2018.

Never, want to make sure that mistake is never made again

cindy 04/15/2018.

Im tired of hearing about him period.

General Nuisance 04/15/2018.

No! Most of the problems trump is trying to fix were caused by the gay Muslim fraud, who had to give up his law license.

Lolly 04/15/2018.

What else do they have to hold onto?

Dangerous Mr. 04/15/2018.


Yesterday some Right Winger was bitching about something that FDR did when he was the Secretary of the Navy.

The bitchiness of the Right knows no limits

jakemcclake 04/15/2018. they do not.

Jim2 04/16/2018.

Not here on Yahoo, anyway. And I don't think in real life either.

Ron Akia 04/16/2018.

Perhaps the question should be does the left ever get tired of cutting down President Trump. The problem is that the left wants it to be either their way or the highway.

RICH3 04/15/2018.

Once upon a time in Athens, Socrates said, "Man is a political animal". This explains what we are really like, but it does not escuse us. Since in truth a lot of our thinking is based not on reason, but upon prejudice. I'm not suggesting that anyone who disliked Obama is somehow a racist, or any such, but such people often do have what I call a blinkered view and only see what they want to see and ignore the reality if life around them. Some of these same people like to think of themselves as Christians. Really?

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

He's the first black president of America

Minister of Truth 04/15/2018.


HELL no they dont !

and what a perfect time for the cornered, failed Reactionaries to go into full hysteria mode :

Trump has spectacularly destroyed his pres in < 2 yrs, and

will have to resign soon, and

A Dem congressional landslide looms in Nov, so

the Reactionaries instinctively resort to their fave tactics :

the Hitlerian Red Herring, Scapegoating & Big Lie :

incite the racist hatred in the GOP's hard-core racist Southern Strategy Base,


Twice US Pres, Nobel Prize, US Sen and Rep, Harvard Law grad & lawyer,

and for the reactionaries, a "Community Organizer" from "big city" Chicago. [get it?]


So no,

the cornered rat reactionaries wont tire of their Hitlerian tactics soon,

but they will become marginalized as the political choices for Pres

become the Regular Dems and Bernies Left-of-Dem party;

gop: maybe 3rd party in some backwater areas : N. MS, utah, etc.


Anonymous 04/15/2018.

That man cost me more money in taxes, on LESS money earned, than any President in the last half a century. And, yes, I'm STILL angry.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

Obama was pure crap.

? 04/15/2018.

Hell No. Obama was an idiot

YB Logical 04/15/2018.

Not really.

I only do it because I love to see liberals gather and hover over Obama like mothers of a mentally challenged child..... ever ready to defend him from any criticism.

Sweet T 04/16/2018.

No because he was a black man.

? 04/16/2018.

Nope, he was a worthless president and we want everyone to know it!

Anonymous 04/16/2018.

Tan suit and grey poupon, baby.

? 04/16/2018.

clearly not

? 04/15/2018.

Obama is their main weapon of mass distraction.

Whenever the heat on The Donald gets too much, they launch a new attack on Obama.

J M 04/15/2018.

They have nothing else to do.

electricpole 04/15/2018.

Physician heal thy self first.

Wizard Fro 2.0 04/15/2018.

I suppose when it stops being fun, sure.

How long did liberals blame Bush for what was happening under Obama?

Yeah. So....

Sebastijan 04/15/2018.

The right tends to be intellectually inferior. So when ever the shortcomings of their dear leader are pointed out, they resort to demeaning the other side, completely oblivious to the fact that doing so in no way vindicates their dear leaders shortcomings.

? 04/15/2018.

Nope, never.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

Many people, including Republicans, wish he was back in office.

John W 04/15/2018.

It amuses me how often "the right" proves themselves wrong.

? 04/15/2018.

Strange isn't it? If he had been a mediocre one-term president he would have been forgotten by now.

Mr. Smith 04/15/2018.

Does the left ever get tired of...?

D50 04/15/2018.

The probably will, after enough time. For now, they're obsessed with blaming all the world's problems on that damn ******.

Jason 04/15/2018.

Is Obama still black?

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

Does the left ever get tired of cutting down Trump and bitching about him you know like a witch hunt?

chryslertech 04/15/2018.

No because he fooled the whole country that he was going to bring change but really it was just the same old crap. I remember when he campaigned on stricter immigration laws and harsher punishments for companies that hire illegals. Nobody called him a racist. What happened after the election? He let millions of illegal guns flow across the border and you know the justice system is corrupt when the only person who got arrested was the gun dealer who blew the whistle.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

No because they have no other story line and they have to have someone to deflect their screw ups on. - Download Hi-Res Songs