Will you vote for Nikki Haley in 2024; first woman president?

Anonymous 04/14/2018. 24 answers
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24 Answers

? 04/15/2018.

Hell no!

oldprof 04/15/2018.

I wouldn't vote for anyone who talks without opening her mouth. Ever notice that? Her teeth remain shut while she's talking. Argh.

viablerenewables 04/15/2018.

She appears to have more wisdom than any LEFTY.

Spock (rhp) 04/15/2018.

i'll consider her, yes

General Nuisance 04/15/2018.

IF Nikki runs, I’ll definitely vote for her.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

Fascists come in different colors.


ndmagicman 04/15/2018.

No chance of that.

? 04/15/2018.

No thank you. I believe that Nikki Haley is sleeping with Trump.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

I'll be dead by then, next question please. Thanks for the downvote of confidence but it's terminal may be a year

? 04/15/2018.

I like her..........very well spoken......clearly intelligent..........

kinda like Condi Rice............

but they ruin their own chances by being servants of total idiots. It's a black mark against them.

Isaac Hunt 04/15/2018.

Ultimate triumph over Democrats.

? 04/15/2018.

Vote for someone just because they're a woman? Why don't I just vote for who I think would make the better president?

Gigapie 04/15/2018.

Nope. She is just another Trumpoid shill.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

Yes, either her or Ivanka.

xg6 04/15/2018.

nope, I will never vote for a conservative

? 04/15/2018.

Absolutely not !!! Ambassadors at the UN should learn diplomacy rather than treat the rest of the world as if they are US 'subjects' ... mostly as if they are 'naughty subjects' at that.

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

I would be more likely to vote for her had she not worked in trumps administration. She's tainted now.

Johnathan 04/15/2018.

She's a sweet talking criminal.

? 04/15/2018.

Nope. I'm pretty certain there won't be a female or a minority president in my lifetime.

Goggles 04/15/2018.

She'll have her chance, after Pence has his eight years.

But yes, I would!!!

Anonymous 04/15/2018.

No. Why? Because she reads statements that are written for her at the UN?

Silver 04/15/2018.

I like to think of myself of a liberal independent. I'm part Indian and feminist though, I would like her to be the first woman president. But not if the Democrat candidate is better. If she was running against someone like Obama, I would vote for Obama. If she was running against someone like Hillary, I would vote for Nikki. But I no longer trust the Republican party to be in charge. So they may have flipped me blue forever after Trump.

Utility Account 04/15/2018.

After the current disaster I may never vote republican again.

? 04/15/2018.

No I would vote for trump

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