What bikini do i wear? Help!!?

? 04/14/2018. 7 answers
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Hi im 14 years old and going on holiday soon. I have never had a tan on my belly, back etc. Because i always wear swimsuits that are one pieces. But this time i want to wear a bikini, however my chest area is massive for my age 34dd and i dont want any bikini tops that will be so low you can see all of my breasts....

7 Answers

Clouded Girl 27702 04/14/2018.

I don't get it. Why would you want a tan on your belly? No one is going to see that unless you wear a lot of belly shirts. I say stick with the swimsuit. A woman wearing a bikini set is basically walking around in a bra and panties.

Anonymous 04/14/2018.

If you google "bikinis for big breasts" you find lots of links and discussions (I'm not sold this is an actual 14 year old)

[ Thecut.com Link ]

is just one example

Solitary Wanderer 04/14/2018.

I don't want to sound pervy, but having breasts that big means they will always be on display, whether you wear a one piece or a regular bikini. So I suggest trying on some different types and hopefully you will find something that makes you feel comfortable enough to wear. If not, then just go with the one piece for now.

? 04/14/2018.

If you will feel uncomfortable showing breasts then either wear a one peace bathing suit or a bikini where the top is the same as a sports bra.

myfavouritelucy 04/14/2018.

Lonely school kid, with a very fragile grip on reality, looking for attention..... let's ignore, shall we?

? 04/14/2018.

You want a one piece. You don’t want a bikini.

Ranchmom1 04/14/2018.

You will want a sports bra type top.