Employer gave me an empty w2 form and the tax return filing deadline is in 4 days?

Alienator 04/13/2018. 11 answers
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The first w2 I recieved was incorrect. It took over 2 months for a corrected W2. Now that I have the form, the box numbers 1 through 20 are blank.

It's April 13th, the deadline to file taxes is April 17th.

What will happen if I don't file a tax return? This is my first time dealing with taxes.

11 Answers

StephenWeinstein 04/14/2018.

The deadline is more flexible than you think. On Monday, file the form to request an extension. That will give you some more time to figure out what to do next.

Even if you don't request an extension, if you were entitled to a refund and you file 1-2 years late, there is no penalty for lateness; you still get the full refund. There is a penalty if you owe the government money. If you were entitled to a refund and file over 3 years late, then you don't get the refund.

babyboomer1001 04/14/2018.

File it as given. You can't write down on the return what is not there on the W2. If it is comes back to you as wrong, at least you got it in on time and you have a legitimate reason to request an accurate one from your employer and then resubmit it without penalty.

Pascal the Gambler 04/14/2018.

Unless you owe, it doesn't matter.

Kherova 04/14/2018.

File for an extension.

? 04/14/2018.

Go to irs.gov and click on "file an extension". This will give you another six months to finish your tax return.

However, it does not extend the due date for payment. So if you know approximately what numbers should be on your W2, do a draft of your tax return to see whether you owe anything, and if so, pay it.

ocularnervosa 04/14/2018.

Contact the IRS, let them know you have a problem with your W-2 and file for an extension. Since the problem didn't originate with you they should allow you to file a late return with no penalty.

Judy 04/14/2018.

File for an extension. And if you are sure you won't owe, there is no penalty for being late or even for not filing.

Elaine M 04/14/2018.

Go back to the employer with it and tell them you STILL do not have the correct form and they're required by law to have had one to you by Jan. 31st. If you don't get one today or Monday you're filing a complaint with the IRS.

And do it. This is inexcusable. Here's the link for what to contact.
[ Thebalance.com Link ]

DEBS 04/14/2018.

If you don't file on time, you could get a penalty. If you know about what your income was and your taxes were (look at your last paystub), then you file an extension. You'll need to estimate what you think your taxes are. If you owe as a result of that estimate, then you need to pay it now. If you are supposed to get money back, then you get nothing until you file for real.

Max Hoopla 04/14/2018.

You don't have a corrected form. If you know what is correct download IRS Form 4852 and file it with a paper return.

KaleyK 04/14/2018.

File your return by the 17th with the best information you have. Keep every piece of paper, even the envelope that your W2 came in. Make notes of every conversation with your employer. The IRS will iron out the details. You must file by the 17th.

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