Do you have a bunker?

Anonymous 04/13/2018. 39 answers
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in case the nukes drop

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rick29148 04/14/2018.

No, as I, of course, don't believe that will ever happen. The ZOMBIES will happen !! So I have a second floor stronghold, because everybody knows that zombies can't climb stairs !!! And I'm collecting pennies to melt into bullets !!!!

Dancing Imu 04/14/2018.

I'm boxed in by four major military bases, all within 20 miles of me. I figure I'll just go quickly.

? 04/14/2018.

Nope unless you are at least 1/4 mile down you have no chance on a direct hit. Half a mile down you are probably OK if you can dig yourself out after half a year. Best to just buy a plane or very fast car and run.

? 04/14/2018.

No, but I've a nice putting green.

Anonymous 04/14/2018.



cindy 04/14/2018.

No but my son wants to get one...sad world

marsel_duchamp 04/14/2018.

No. I have no desire to live in a nuclear wasteland. The living will envy the dead.

Kansas Z 04/14/2018.

I have an underground storm shelter, but it won't provide protection from a nuclear attack.

? 04/14/2018.

t is not just a matter of feet. The shelter must be able to withstand the soil weight, overpressure, ground shock and radiation. “15 feet” has no meaning unless we say where it is measured from and the type of blast: 0.9 miles from a 100 KT nuclear surface burst with 6 ft soil overhead.

? 04/14/2018.

Yes. Edith.

Professor 04/14/2018.

Yes. its' portable and I can carry it in my hand. It's called a gun. When the government is no longer able to protect me from the hordes of zombiefied vampire republicans wandering the wastelands I'll take things into my own hands.

Leo 04/14/2018.

I have a lead umbrella.

Anonymous 04/14/2018.

Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Radiation levels around the plant remain so high that authorities do not expect the area to be inhabitable for between 180 and 320 years, Hope you pack a lot of food in your bunker hole.

? 04/14/2018.

Yes: Archie.

One of many 04/14/2018.

Several old mining shafts.

Mama Kimama 04/14/2018.

I have a basement.

R K 04/14/2018.

no, but i live in a small city that isn't near anyplace that would be a target for an attack.

anderson 04/14/2018.

Nah I’m ready for death if that’s what the world comes to

electricpole 04/14/2018.


I do not need one.

I have everything that I need for a 6 months for two people. But that works well for a snow / ice storm, or something more practical to plan for.

Optimist Prime 04/14/2018.

I have a lot of menhaden, not just one.

Poseidon 04/14/2018.

If the nukes drop bunkers will be of NO help at all.


? 04/14/2018.

[ Link ]

Duck and cover!

Jamey 04/14/2018.

No but the house I live in is Georgian, and has about 1 foot thick stone walls (UK) so I'm hoping if I hide behind one of them and wear some raybans, I'll be OK.

. 04/14/2018.

No. I do not.

? 04/14/2018.

Nope. Guess I will just have to die.

? 04/14/2018.

Even if you have a bunker, if nukes dropped there wouldn't be enough left of the world as you knew it, to make you ever want to come out of your bunker.

? 04/14/2018.

No need for one. When it is 4 hours sail upcoast to a fast food joint. 200 miles to a major city. Were the mountains have caves. The Jungle is big. No one would waste a nuke on us. But if they do. The Natives will seek revenge with there bows & arrows for it.

Love Unites 04/14/2018.

No. I don't think there is going to be a nuclear war. However, you've got to die sometime. If a major war breaks out, I'm not sure I could get my medicine I need for living, so even with a bunker, I will die.

The return of Sanity 04/14/2018.

I have an SUV

? 04/14/2018.

I'll just say the radiation is a Chinese hoax like climate change and then I won't have to worry about it.

? 04/14/2018.

Yes, and enough supplies to last fifty years. And everything you read on the internet is true. ;)

Anonymous 04/14/2018.

No. I worked for the Civil (Defense) Preparedness organization.

Without elaborate preparations (Deep Mine Shaft) No One will survive a general Nuclear War or even a major accident.

It is not worth the expense for a nuclear incident.

An armored cellar would be just as good for civil unrest. Plan on six months "confinement".

All the hoop-la that the government published was to keep the population calm, it had little or real use. Other than to keep the bodies isolated. Especially laughable, is the "Duck & Cover" ads for the children.

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anonymous 04/14/2018.

I have a panic room. It's called a closet.

Mr. Smith 04/14/2018.

No. I live in a prime target area. I'm just gonna put a chair on the roof, fire one up and watch the show.

Ghost Of Christmas Past 04/14/2018.

No. I'm climbing onto the roof to watch the fireworks.

? 04/14/2018.

No, a garage tornado shelter.

? 04/14/2018.

i just read about that ....first not to look to nuclear mushroom put any clothes or jacket over your face and eyes and lying down to floor

it ll be better if you have any underground shelter whether it is nuclear protected or not

thank god if you survive !

Embarrassed Democrat 04/14/2018.

No, I'm used to living among mutants. Had years of practice.

Arni 04/14/2018.

No I doubt nuclear war is ahead or any sort of 'end of the world' scenario is going to happen although theres nothing wrong with being prepared if you've got the funds and the paranoia to do so.

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