What’s it called when a guy gives money, buys stuff for, or otherwise helps support a woman in his own age bracket he’s dating?

Anonymous 04/13/2018. 15 answers
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It’s called a sugar baby when she’s a lot younger, but what’s it called when she’s only a little younger?

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? 04/14/2018.


Tiburon 04/14/2018.

she has a sugar daddy

? 04/14/2018.

Sinallity at my age.

kswck2 04/14/2018.

Robbing the cradle.

anon 04/14/2018.

Hmm. What is he getting in return? Could be prostitution. Or a proposal, or being a gentleman. My husband added me to his car insurance policy before we were married.

ron h 04/13/2018.

giving gifts is pretty common / standard in romantic relationships. I would say that after a time of doing that, he should be getting some sex out of it UNLESS there's been a real conversation about why he's not. As for giving money and "helping to support" if that's a continuing thing, it's even more important that he's getting sex, again unless there's been a conversation about it. I add that if the financial support is substantial, the man MUST trust only himself for birth control.

? 04/13/2018.

Stupidity. or Love which is a socially accepted form of insanity. Bin there done that once too often.

Anonymous 04/13/2018.

It's called hypergamy. It's the norm in most societies.

Bob Sacamano 04/12/2018.


Anonymous 04/12/2018.

When a guy gives money or otherwise helps support a woman he’s seeing who is in his own age bracket, it’s called a traditional relationship. For some reason, it’s only called a sugar relationship when there is a notable age gap.

Gomakawitnessofjesus 04/14/2018.

Affection, could be bribery could whoredom adultery and fornicaction

You could call ritual dating, or wooing for affection

Lady Zen 04/14/2018.

You know, why do you have to get on the guy? What happens here stays here. The man is making plans to nest. The girl has stopped looking at herself like she's worthless

No Regrets 04/12/2018.

If the romantic/sexual interest is not mutual, then it's "an arrangement" - not a traditional relationship.

Anonymous 04/12/2018.

That's just a relationship where one person likes to give things, whatever their ages.

Fox News Cultist 04/12/2018.

Aspartame baby