Why do Republicans believe giving the rich and wealthy tremendous tax cuts is a good thing for the United States?

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A Hunch 04/12/2018.

A minimum wage earner can earn $6000 more in income before paying a penny of taxes.

Is that not tax cut for the "poor"?

Leesabrat 04/12/2018.

Because THEY are rich and wealthy and will benefit by the tax cuts. They don't believe it's a good thing for the United States in general, but they don't care because they only care about themselves - right now at this moment. They don't even care what will happen in the future!

not 04/12/2018.

Is it just Republicans? Don't Democrats support free trade? Taking people's jobs and sending them to 3rd worlds so that the rich can get richer? If you want to tax these companies, if you want to make them follow environmental, worker and human rights laws don't you have to NOT create a path out of the country?

You have to perhaps support tariffs that force business into this country to force the taxation you want.

Even with slavery there was a tiny tiny trickle down. The top does feed the bottom. The top has left the country and only trickles in third worlds at a rate similar to slavery. Nearly all of our politicians did this to us. As long as you give half of them a free pass, another person that sees the failures on your team will give the other half a free pass; nothing will change.

ioerr 04/12/2018.

because they're owned by the rich that support them of course. those tax cuts have never been intended to do anything but benefit that small, elitist minority, and that's all those tax cuts have ever done, since the gop first started having success at implementing them, waaay back in the 80's.

the claims always remain the same; it will trickle down, it will rebuild the middle class, it will raise all the boats on a rising tide. the great and brilliant entrepreneurs will use all this extra cash to create jobs here and build a brighter future

in reality of course, when you give the rich these extra tax cuts, with no strings attached mind you, they squirrel all that money away for themselves and squeeze it til the eagle screams as they say. what the hell else would you expect.

and of course they keep right on doing all the other stuff they were doing before to enhance their profits; moving jobs overseas, opposing unions wherever possible, keeping wages here as low as possible, and driving them down if they can, and so on. since these cuts have started being implemented, the wages of common workers have done nothing but stagnate, for decades, while more and more the nation's wealth has collected into the hands of fewer and fewer tycoons at the top. exactly what you'd expect.

the current movement from the right is more of the same, nothing more or less.

if I wanted to criticize the left at all, which I certainly can, the main thing I'd say about them is, it's their fault that they've lost sight of their need to primarily champion the interests of those common workers. this is what has allowed the right to propagandize against them with any effectiveness, amongst that class.

Tengu Bakemono 04/12/2018.

Instead of complaining about the rich, why don't you start using those rocks in you head, plus hard work, and you too can be rich.

Anonymous 04/12/2018.

If you had your income tax done you would see it’s bigger and better than last year.

Coffee Drinker 04/12/2018.

Why do online trolls insist on lying about the GOP tax cuts by claiming they favor the rich when the facts clearly show that virtually every low & middle class American will receive a substantial tax reduction?

I just ran numbers for a situation someone asked about tax liability for a single person with income under $30k per year - that person is going to pay about 25% LESS tax next year because of the GOP tax cut plan.

Go ahead and claim that it only helps the wealthy but the fact is that lower class citizen will be keeping an extra week's worth of their hard earned money because of Republicans.

The Big Cat Retired 04/12/2018.

They only worry about blowing up the deficit when someone else is doing it

Max Hoopla 04/12/2018.

Because it helps Republicans

Anonymous 04/12/2018.

They claim it will "trickle down", but it never does.

Blonde 04/13/2018.

It is best to have more opportunity to become rich or stay rich than live in a society where only a few hand chosen are rich, and you have no opportunity. Living in a socialistic society may sound good if you are already poor, but someone has to be taxed to accomplish spreading of wealth. There is no such thing as money trees. Also, in capitalism, where rich are allowed to stay rich, it create drive to earn even more...remember, rich people still pay taxes and pay the majority. If you over tax them, they will take their money elsewhere, and the Goverment will get nothing. It's a balancing act. To pit one group against the other not fair. To create jealousy not fair. The truely feeble, old, and weak need taken care of! If you are poor because you are a fool with money or a sluggard, it's no fair to try to take from someone else...you are not entitled, you either learn to work harder or else you always stay in want and go hungry.

OwlTrading 04/12/2018.

i got an extra $120 back in my check last month. i call that a good thing

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