If you were watching TV and suddenly all news networks showed that NUCLEAR WAR had just begun, what would you do during the next 30 minutes?

Zezo Zeze Zadfrack 03/09/2018. 12 answers
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It's 1:00pm on a Sunday in March. You are watching CNN. They report that Russia and China just launched all their ICBMs and they are headed towards NATO targets. NATO has launched EVERYTHING as well, long range, short range, submarine launched missiles - everything! Other countries have launched missiles at...

12 Answers

Pearl L 03/09/2018.

i would probably just pray, that would be the only thing i could do

USAFisnumber1 03/09/2018.

If a bomb lands close to you, you will be dead. About all you can do in that regard is to either drive away from the closest target or try to take shelter underground as best you can. I think under a manhole cover might be good. If the bomb lands to the west of you then you probably will get a good dose of fallout. If you do not have potassium iodide tablets and a place to hide you will probably be screwed. If you manage to avoid the blast and the fallout then your life is dependent on how much food you stored away. After that, it depends on if you can grow food for yourself because the farmers sure are not going to send it to you.

don r 03/09/2018.

Get behind a mountain.

nezhtal 03/09/2018.

Pour myself a glass of bourbon, then take it and the bottle onto the front porch and look southwest towards the nearest major city. That's Knoxville, and Oak Ridge is in the same general area, it's a sure thing to catch one or two in the first wave.

Ryde,0n 03/09/2018.

I'm an hour outside of L.A. I'd throw some shyt in the truck and head for our Arizona house that's sort of out in the sticks .

L.A. is a likely target . China probably has no idea Fort Mohave AZ. even exists .

horst 03/09/2018.

I would drink beer

M2J 03/09/2018.

Lucky for me, i have a fully stocked bunker from 1963. Full of Vienna sausages, army surplus, and protein powders in five flavors.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

Nice wet dream you got there........

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

Crank up “Killed By Death”.

Raisin Caine 03/09/2018.

Find the safest place possible, perhaps the basement. Many of the Russian nukes will not actually work and not all fo the nukes are large enough to take out many cities.

▌ ṂỈ₭Έ ▐ 03/09/2018.

Well, I live in a big enough city that would probably get nuked directly, so there ain't too much I can do.

Freelancer 03/09/2018.

Kill a select list of people. Go "the purge" on everybody. In all honesty, because that's what people naturally do when law and order faces imminent destruction