Why Don't The Libs Understand That Arming Teachers and Allowing Open Carry for Students is the Only way to prevent school shootings?

W 03/09/2018. 12 answers
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Honestly, I just don't get. They want to take away our guns but then how will we defend ourselves? Why do they want to burn the 2nd Amendment? All I can really think of is that they are trying to corrupt the government and ensure that the common people will not have the power to overthrow the...

12 Answers

Curtis 1911 03/09/2018.

Well I would not say arming teachers and allowing open carry for students is the only way to prevent school shootings,,, but it is one way,,, and the schools should be allowed the opportunity to see what works.

Because we have done nothing but blame the gun for the last 20 years since Columbine and it is obvious that is not working.

Give the local school districts the power to choose how they want to deal with school shooters because every school is different.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

Perhaps you have forgotten that republicans control both houses and the presidency. I think it's cute how you folks were in panic mode for eight years about Obama taking your guns and now Trump has stood up to the NRA and emboldening states to strengthen gun control laws and you're still blaming democrats. And the Florida legislature and governorship is also Republican. And look what they did. You're on the wrong side, junior.

M2J 03/09/2018.

Schools should not be armed camps

Michael 03/09/2018.

The last time you idiots tried to overthrow the government was 1861. How did that work out? Adn that was before nukes.

Violation Nation 03/09/2018.

What libs don't realise is that the higher the toll gets, the faster it's going to drop to 0.

And then, finally, there will be peace. No regulation necessary.

Zack 03/09/2018.

I'm a conservative, but I strongly disagree about arming teachers.

I've known many teachers in the past (especially teachers at the middle school I went to) that I would NOT trust with a gun.

? 03/09/2018.

My thought is that if you think it would be possible to overthrow the government with any kind of guns, you're nucking futts.

Katherine W 03/09/2018.

I suggest you look up some things:

1. How likely it is that someone with a gun can hit a target?

2. How likely it is that a gun will be used in self-defense?

3. What actual soldiers say about training in closed-room situations?

4. How likely it is that a gun will be used against an innocent person?

Liberals don't want to "burn the Second Amendment." They want reasonable protections against angry men with guns who shoot up schools, movie theaters, churchs and restaurants. Arming more people is not the answer.

a2yar 03/09/2018.

guns kill. more guns kill more.

Leo 03/09/2018.

You can't really be that stupid.

Taylor 03/09/2018.

This is a pathetic trolling attempt.

Wait... It must be good because so many can't recognize a troll when they see it.


Mr. Wolf (same name since 2009) 03/09/2018.

Nothing reduces gun related violence like adding more guns.