How to move to NYC with no money?

Quis 03/09/2018. 6 answers
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6 Answers

findnikki 03/09/2018.

you don't. nyc is the most expensive city in the country

Karen L 03/09/2018.

No, there is no help for people who are capable of working. You think the government is just going to hand out money to people because they feel like moving?

Papercut2008uk 03/09/2018.

Look for a job before you even think about doing this.

First thing to look at, Jobs in the area, Rent prices, Utility prices (gas/electric/phone etc). See if you can actually live there, if you can get a decent job that will cover it all or if your going to strugle.

Chris P 03/09/2018.

You'd be insane to move to a new city with no money and no job.

Some employers might offer you a relocation bonus to move to New York, but you'd have to be well established in a specialist field that was in high demand.

There are no programs or agencies to import homeless and unemployed people to New York City.

Mark 03/09/2018.

Rob a bank.

Bob 03/09/2018.

start walking and that is a very bad idea