Is taking several naps in a row healthy?

Anonymous 03/08/2018. 6 answers
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I need to be awake in 3hrs, but I'm really tired, so I was wondering if I could take several naps to avoid sleeping in.
Naps are usually 20mins long.
So would it be healthy if I had a 20min nap, then have another 20min nap 5mins later, and keep this going until the time I need to be awake at.
I don't wanna...

6 Answers

Diane A 03/09/2018.

Mo because you may not have time to enter REM sleep which is the restful phase, Its better to have 1 longer nap than a whole deries of really dhort ones, which take up the same amount of time but are not restful

ameena 03/09/2018.

If you over sleep even thirty seconds you can face many dangerous symptoms like, instant bowel faluire, inner ear rashes and even death.

72dolphins 03/09/2018.

That's not healthy and the reason being that sleep has cycles and messing up those cycles by doing something like this will just damage your health, I wouldn't risk it and i would just go to sleep and set a loud alarm

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

No, you will die if you do that.

Anette 03/09/2018.

Yes! Naps are perfectly healthy to take and you’re still getting rest even if it’s in short bursts. Granted sometimes if you’re tired and you take a short nap it sometimes can make you feel more tired

Discount 03/09/2018.

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