What do you think of the name Whitney for a girl?

Elena 03/08/2018. 13 answers
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I really want to name my daughter Whitney after Whitney houston

13 Answers

Isaiah 03/09/2018.

There was a girl named Whitney on Big Brother like 2 years ago and she was some southern red neck idiot.

Raquel 03/09/2018.

I use to know a girl named Whitney she was mean

Lori 03/09/2018.

I love the name. Very pretty. I love that's uncommon without going weird

helping_people 03/09/2018.

It is named after a Great Singer, but also note: she died of a Drug overdose. Your choice.

Louise 03/09/2018.

OK but not a name that I would choose for a child

layla 03/09/2018.

not bad.

aerie 03/09/2018.

I love the name Whitney! And it's so original, not like Kaley, or Brittany or MacKenzie. It's lovely and sounds very classy.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

It's okay. But how will the child feel knowing she's named after a junkie?

maddie 03/09/2018.

Honestly, its a preference and an opinion. If the name means a lot to you then you should name her that and not worry about what others think. I think it a beautiful name for a little girl!

conley39 03/09/2018.

It's fine

Dubstep 03/09/2018.

{perfection fingar emojee inserted}

The Truth is Out There 03/09/2018.

It’s kinda meh... but ok.

Tom 03/09/2018.

all depends on a lot of factors. I would wait until a baby is born to name it :)