What’s the Best brand of a kitchen faucet?

wanna b me 03/08/2018. 6 answers
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6 Answers

Jason 03/10/2018.

When I think of the best fixtures I think of the ones that are easy to repair in the future. So Moen and Delta are the easiest to work on.

Name Withheld 03/10/2018.

Of the leading brands the others have mentioned: make sure you get their premium line; most have gone down-market with lines of lower-priced Chinese crap (example: chrome plated plastic instead of brass/stainless steel etc).

Spock (rhp) 03/10/2018.

my family likes Kohler over Moen.

Anonymous 03/10/2018.

Pfister. If you have the cash.

peterngoodwin 03/10/2018.

Delta probably, at least most expensive.

The Truth is Out There 03/10/2018.


Also Moen, Kohler, Kraus.