Christians, is it a sin to c^m all over a girl's face?

BARCELONA 03/08/2018. 6 answers
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Is it a sin to release semen on a girl's face, even for Christians?

6 Answers

Yousef 03/09/2018.

It's a sin to rape her

Patricia 03/09/2018.

It's only ok if SHE says it's ok. Otherwise keep your semen out of her face.

What does the modern mythology of christianity have to do with it?

robert x 03/09/2018.

nope .. its not a sin ..

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

Nope. Not if she likes it.

Happy Gramps 03/09/2018.

it's a sin to even ask a stupid so called question like this

Chris P 03/09/2018.

It's OK, but you must later scoop it off her face and insert it into her vagina.

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