I want to immigrate to another country and I was wondering if medical debt will affect my ability to immigrate?

jason 03/08/2018. 7 answers
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luddite 03/09/2018.

Yes, and if you have health problems this may effect your ability to get a visa.

Maxi 03/09/2018.

Wanting to migrate and being ale to migrate are two separate issues.............and debts follow you, so of course it affects what you 'want' in life, if you have debts then why would another country wish to allow someone to migrate to their country and have to financially support them as they can't afford to live their lives and pay their bills...you have to prove you can support yourself and debts show immigration you can't...sort out your debts first before anything else... then maybe look on the immigration website of the country to see if what you want is even possible

Rona Lachat 03/09/2018.

You want to go to Europe in particular Germany.

WHY does Germany NEED or WANT you? They will decide if they want you to move in. Up to you to give them reasons to say YES for you.

How did you plan to be able to afford the move and set up costs of your new home if you are already facing large debt?

You have a medical issue? Germany might not want you.

Your debt does not magically disappear.

Will they track you down and come for it ? Probably not.

Suggest you read an Immigration site of the Government of the country you are interested in. The days of wandering the world at will are long past.

[ Bamf.de Link ]

Millions apply . YOU give them reasons to say yes they already have lots of reasons to say NO not at this time.

Your debt is ONE ITEM on a long list of things they look at before deciding.

Borel 03/09/2018.


Brother Hesekiel 03/09/2018.

Depends on what that "other country" is.

Chris P 03/09/2018.

It depends on which country and the type of visa you're applying for.

If you're required to have a large sum of money to support yourself without working; then clearly debt will make that more difficult. If you've ignored the debt for so long that there are criminal or civil legal charges pending - you'll find it almost impossible to immigrate.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

Are you trying to move to Afghanistan to join the Taliban or are you trying to move to Sweden?

We are not clairvoyant and not all countries have the same requirements.