Poll: Do you prefer.....?

Anonymous 03/08/2018. 11 answers
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a, cream bed sheets

b, white

c. dark grey

d. black

e. Other

11 Answers

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

When the lights are out, it really don't matter. They all look the same.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

Mine are often blue flannelette. warm and doesn't show every mark.

MsBittner 03/09/2018.

For years, I've done mix and match with light grey, dark grey, and prints containing either or both colors.

White and cream can be easily stained by perspiration, blood, even somebody who drools when they've had too much to drink. The greys continue to look new and perfect a lot longer.

My current collection includes light and dark striped damask, light solid, dark solid, and grey on grey chevrons, plus a few print pillow cases I made in grey prints.

audrey 03/09/2018.

White, because they just seem so clean and crisp. But as long as they are clean and smell good, they can be any color.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.


Madeline 03/09/2018.

Other- baby blue


Dark grey

Berlin 03/09/2018.

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? 03/09/2018.


HollyPaw 03/09/2018.

Prefer to change the patterns & colors..I like a garden of feelings..within my bed.

And,I am speaking of my bed sheets..not my partner..I do not prefer variety as that in

my bed..ever..

Felt the need to clarify this..On this site..as these people flip flop in love..from person to person & that is not love.

Nor,is that behavior or way me..nor will it ever be.~*

Cassandra 03/09/2018.


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