What is your first thought when you hear that someone committed suicide?

Anonymous 03/08/2018. 12 answers
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Maybe not someone you’re close to. But someone you know. Or someone you don’t.

12 Answers

Sloth 03/09/2018.

I feel bad for them and that I wish I could’ve helped them and talked them out of it.

Judy & Charlie 03/09/2018.

The American Medical Association has said that Depression is a disease and just like any medical disease it responds well to medications and therapies. And if left untreated or undertreated, it can be terminal.

And so when I hear that someone has committed suicide, I understand that they have died of an untreated disease and I wonder why their loved ones let this happen to them.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

I feel bad for them. That they were in such a bad state they felt like death was the only way out.

And considering how we view mental health as a society, how we treat the mentally ill, and we treat people who are suicidal, it doesn’t surprise me, either.

Zepar 03/09/2018.

My d!ck gets very hard .

Happy Gramps 03/09/2018.

coward............that may be insensitive, but for those who take their own lives, they leave behind people who will question themselves - they will wonder if they could have done something to prevent the act, they will blame themselves, and so on

Tarkarri 03/09/2018.

I feel sorrow for the family trying to cope with their loss.

It is too late to feel sorrow for the person who took their life.

Fireball 03/09/2018.


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NavyCrab 03/09/2018.

Hope it is not messy.

Happy 03/09/2018.

I’m glad it wasn’t me

Jess 03/09/2018.

I get a shock, if it's someone I don't know, but If im close with them I'll be very depressed

Nico 03/09/2018.

They opted for a permanent solution to a temporary problem.