How can I clean my urine before my drug test tomorrow?

angelica 03/08/2018. 12 answers
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12 Answers

Plogsties 03/09/2018.

There is no way to do this.

Roger K 03/09/2018.

You CAN'T. There is NOTHING you can do, take eat or drink that will make a difference.

If you want to pass drug tests, then you need to stop using.

Douglas 03/09/2018.

A shot of straight vinegar. But really, they have tests for that any more too.

audrey 03/09/2018.

Sorry, you can't. You kinda, shoulda thought about a drug test before you did the drugs.

Metal 03/09/2018.

You can not, but there are plenty of people that will try to make money selling you something.

poldi2 03/09/2018.

Nothing you can do, if you smoked within 2 weeks of the test it will be detected.

Artemisia 03/09/2018.

They don't check. Just do it.

Mama Kimama 03/09/2018.

With wishful thinking.

Bob 03/09/2018.

you can't

Brian. 03/09/2018.

Put it in the fridge overnight.

xxsaasa 03/09/2018.

drink it 3 times

babygirl 03/09/2018.

there is no product that can clean urine do deter dugs in your system and if anyone says different theyre misinformed............only time can get drugs out of your system either urine only time will do it