Is 195lbs too fat for a girl whos only 5ft6in tall?

Chris 03/08/2018. 7 answers
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. 03/09/2018.

The maximum recommended weight for a 5'6" female (that's my height by the way) is 143 lbs. Carrying a little extra muscle, she can still look good at 10 - 15 lbs over that, if she has a large frame. At 195 lbs, with a small or medium frame, she's technically considered obese (50 or more lbs overweight).

almond 03/09/2018.

Yes. You are considered obese.

Jess 03/09/2018.

Yeah, I think thats a little overweight. If it's muscle then it's okay.

Kathrina Teebo K 03/09/2018.

Yeah, you should be like 140-150.

susannah 03/09/2018.

yeah maybe get to 130?? xx

Bob 03/09/2018.

yes by about 65 lbs

megalomaniac 03/09/2018.

Sounds like you are a bit short for your weight (and not all that short).