Need help to identify this fastener name / type?

Syed Hamdani 03/08/2018. 4 answers
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I need help locating the exact name so I can find and order some replacements.

This is a spring clip type lock. The other end has a metal tab that pushes into the center .

4 Answers

Laurie 03/15/2018.

Here is one. Take this picture with you to your hardware store...
[ Link ]

Coquihalla 03/15/2018.

It is a cabinet latch. There is not many like that.

Syed Hamdani 03/15/2018.

I check with McMaster-Carr, and they call them: roller grab latches

mermeliz 03/15/2018.

That is called a "Double Roller" cabinet catch:
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