What instruction prevents an armed navy sentry from entering a privately owned vehicle.?

Anonymous 03/08/2018. 8 answers
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USAFisnumber1 03/09/2018.

Duh, if you crossed the line and are on the base you can have your vehicle searched at any time. There is probably a sign at the entry with a lot of fine print that says driving on base automatically gives them the authority to search.

Grandpa 03/09/2018.

If you drive your vehicle onto a military base, they can dismantle it if they want to for purposes of inspection. There are no limits.

jeeper_peeper321 03/09/2018.

if the vehicle is on base, they can enter it at any time

theres a big sign at the entrance to every base that tell you

Bill 03/09/2018.

In the POV is on a military base, the instruction says the Security people MAY search the Vehicle.

Daniel 03/09/2018.

The Bill of Rights.

However, that only prevents a warrantless search. If an MA has probable cause to believe that contraband may be in a vehicel, they have to get a search authorization (in the Air Force, that usually came from the MSG commander after consultation with JAG). Military security personnel are allowed to conduct warrantless 'inspections' of vehicles entering the installation, which is clearly spelled out on most installation perimeter signs. The caveat is that those inspections cannot target anyone--they have to be random (every 5th vehicle for example) or done to every vehicle.

Jeffrey 03/09/2018.

That depends on where the vehicle is located.

Mrsjvb 03/09/2018.

There is none if the vehicle is on base or entering one.

Off base they have no jurisdiction

Old Man Dirt 03/09/2018.

With out a copy of the standing order it is impossible to say.

Every "post" in the military has standing orders they do not always have the same wording or order.

It might be seen as leaving ones post.