Why is the male gender so stupid ?

Anonymous 03/08/2018. 10 answers
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Hey im a guy and i hate my own gender.

I would prefer to be a girl.

I could have long hair without being descriminated.

Even tough im hot i still feel like an ogre.
I feel like im forced to behave like *a real men*

You know follow some code of honor , never be afraid, pointless crap.

I get it men are supoust...

10 Answers

sats 03/09/2018.

Good luck trying to find a date. FYI we don't want to hear about it.

Anonymous 03/09/2018.

If you were a girl you would find it more difficult being female as much more would be expected of you by other females.

And if you were a girl, you would probably expect your man to be the man, except when you want him to have feelings and cry with emotions so you know he understands what you are going through and have empathy.

Your confused now? what would you be like with women's hormones.

Sebastian 03/09/2018.

Ah, you'll be fine.

a 03/09/2018.

have you looked into the possibility that what you are feeling is gender dysphoria? you said you would prefer to be a girl, so do you identify as one? Toxic masculinity is horrible but remember that (just like all societal expectations) it is a terribly high standard that like a whole 5 guys fit in too. don't worry about it.

Kyndal 03/09/2018.

Gender roles are horrible and you don't have to adhere to them no matter what anyone says -- you have every right to be feminine in whatever way that you are, to have long hair and not be physically strong. You have every right to exist.

I'm not sure this is the issue, but it sounds like you might be experiencing gender dysphoria? Have you ever looked into the possibility that you're transgender or nonbinary? It sounds like you could be, though you may just be a man who doesn't adhere to gender roles, which is quite common and not at all bad.

choko_canyon 03/09/2018.

The male gender is not stupid, just individual members (pun intended), of that gender. If you don't wish to be seen as stupid, you might want to learn how to write coherent sentences at the level of a 9th grader.

Zepar 03/09/2018.

You're blinded by your own retarded little brain boy.

KaleyK 03/09/2018.

What happened, some one pissed you off and now the whole "male gender" is stupid? Over react much?

megalomaniac 03/09/2018.

You don't have to follow defined gender roles. Get out there and be whoever you want to be. Saying that the entire male gender is stupid is not going to take you far in life.

Jay R 03/09/2018.

You live in a trap of your own making. Are you afraid to be yourself?