Do your cats follow you around the house?

tina 02/11/2018. 17 answers
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Aria 02/12/2018.


Nathan 02/12/2018.

No need from her to follow.she sits on my shoulders as I walk around

Bryn 02/11/2018.

Yes, they do sometimes, especially if they think dinner is late, or they want something.

@Mog - I bet your rabbit was not neutered... that's classic rabbit mating behaviour!

kelvin 02/11/2018.

both of my cats do it

Anonymous 02/11/2018.

Yes. I can't even keep the bathroom door shut without one of them popping it open or playing with my feet, etc.

◆ DaViD〆ЦЛDξRTAKξR ◆ 02/10/2018.

Yes, especially during feeding time.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

I have no pets

Mog 02/10/2018.

No, but my bunny did before he died. He'd run circles around my feet as fast as he could whenever he saw me. It made it hard to walk. I accidentally kicked him on a few occasions but he never held it against me.

Arnold Weebu 02/10/2018.

My cat? no, but thats cuz he is ancient, but when he was a young whipper snapper he would follow me if i walked on all four and would rub his head against mine.

GLENDA 02/12/2018.

Only if he thinks I'm headed for the treats.

Nameless 02/12/2018.

They sometimes do. Usually around meal time. One of them likes to nap near me.

Ty 02/12/2018.

Yes, and sometimes he will hitch a ride on my shoulder.

vivienne 02/12/2018.

I have only one cat and yes he does

Deane 02/11/2018.

Yes he does!!! I have 2 RagaMuffin cats and they follow me like dogs. My cats even likes to watch me load the laundry. I sometimes call my cat Atticus my little shadow. He usually waits in the window for me to come home and is sitting by the door when I get there.

Edward 02/10/2018.

OnlY of their hungry or want to play or get pets.

Elena C 02/10/2018.

Yes. Always

MELONS 02/10/2018.

yes at home