Spiritually Speaking, could you comment on this quote?

2FollowHim 02/11/2018. 9 answers
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"Natural selection can only select what is present. It can never create what is absent."

- Dr. Edgar Andrews

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9 Answers

Smeghead 02/12/2018.

Spiritually speaking, what is the definition of "cosine"?

An equally stupid question.

Yorkshire Lass 02/12/2018.

This statement is after all common-sense. To make a selection something has been FIRST put there to select from. It is the creative Power of God who put the first like forms in an environment which was carefully prepared to sustain and feed life.

Tiny, simple life forms cannot possibly develop into complex life forms like mammals and humans, without the creative process. it takes a much bigger step than a mutation to move from a single cell living creature to a huge complex multi-tasking creature like a human! That mutations are the reasons for the development of highly developed creatures is a very sick joke, and I am not smiling, never mind laughing.

One day, the truth will be revealed to all; to many lost in a terrible place of horror, that they refused to believe in, a place called Hell where there is no life, mutations, evolution, or any wondrous form of life. The Holy Bible as been written as Book of both Hope, and a dire warning.

MARK 02/12/2018.

I cannot quote on it spiritually, whatever that is supposed to mean, because there is nothing spiritual about.

From the perspective of evolutionary biology that statement is true. I do not know the person you cite as making the quote. He may very well have been explaining this the wrong way or saying this out of context, a trick beloved by creationists.. Natural selection is only able to work on the materials it has to hand. Natural selection does not produce anything that does not exist. However, though the process of working on what does it can mould things and change them - leading to evolution.

Cal King 02/11/2018.

That is incorrect. Natural selection has resulted in the appearance of new traits, new species, and even new types of animals and plants never seen before. Turn the clock back to the time when only fish were found and there were no amphibians. Amphibians are someone new, and it did not exist. Mutation alone cannot result in the appearance of amphibians, because it took more than one or a few mutations to change a fish into an amphibian. It took numreous generations and millions of years. All of those changes that are necessary took time to accumulate, and each of those mutations must be adaptive for it to be retained by natural selection. Natural selection is the invisible guiding hand that makes sure all of those numerous mutations that are necessary for the appearance of a new trait or species will come into existence. It makes sure that only those features that work will remain and those that are incompatible will be eliminated. Random genetic drift, or random, chance fixation of mutations, would not have resulted in the appearance of new traits that work, or new types of animals like amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Take another example, such as the evolution of bipedal locomotion in humans. Humans evolved from an ape, which walked on 4 legs. When the ancestors of humans started working on 2 legs, they still had the anatomy of a quadruped. Yet, by walking on 2 legs, they created a need for new mutations that can allow them to walk more efficiently on 2 legs. Of course, those mutations may never happen and natural selection cannot will them into existence. Yet, if and when those mutations that help them walk better on 2 legs they are immediately incorporated into the genome, and retained because of natural selection. OTOH the same mutations that appeared in an ape would not have been retained, and would almost certainly be eliminated by natural selection if they worsen the ape's ability to continue walking and running on all 4 limbs. Hence natural selection can help organisms create new traits, such as differently shaped bones and pelvis, if those new traits are adaptive. .

Bulldog Drummond 02/11/2018.

"True, natural selection is a subtractive process. Mutation is the additive process. They combine to cause evolution."

don 02/11/2018.

What the hell does this have to do with atheism?? or god??

Evolution is a readily observed phenomenon that has nothing to do with your god or any other god.

btw - evolution proceeds just fine even in the absence of genetic mutation. You have no idea what evolution is and what it is not.

Ernest S 02/11/2018.

Spiritually speaking, as you put it, only God can create and give life. Only God is the Lifegiver. Since God is the Creator so called natural selection and Evolution are obviously redundant.

But as to simple reason and logic obviously nothing can give rise to something greater than itself.

So called natural selection can only be by a being since only a being can select or make a choice. So the phrase is a logical invalidity.

Mickey 02/11/2018.

True, as anyone who had a decent high school biology course knows.

However, there's no "God v. atheism" angle involved.

International Man of Mystery 02/11/2018.

Sounds lofty but it's completely meaningless. Mutations occur constantly; those that fit an ecological niche succeed and are carried to future generations.

Evolution isn't really related to gods or a lack of belief in then, BTW.

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