How long does it take to replace a oil pump with a 3.0L engine?

kevin 02/10/2018. 5 answers
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Im replacing it on a mitsubishi montero sport 2002

5 Answers

DR + Mrs Bears face 02/12/2018.

Hi so if an oil pump which is right down at the bottom of the engine needs to be replaced it is more that likely the whole engine needs to be replaced. as it is the tolerances between parts that keeps the oil pressure up. so the whole engine must be very worn out.

thebax2006 02/11/2018.

I've worked on Mitsubishi's for many years at dealers and I've never seen a bad oil pump on any of our motors. I'd buy a used motor from an auto recycler before I would put an oil pump in the motor.If the oil pimp was actually bad l of the crankshaft and camshaft bearings would be damaged and the motor will seize up.

Ucan'thandlethetruth 02/11/2018.

8.5 hours according to the Mitchell estimate guide. Very likely not needed, what kind of problem are you having?

Happy Gramps 02/11/2018.

depends on whether you - if you have the tools + experience to do the repair - or a shop does the work..........shops charge by the hour

scootertrashbadboy 02/11/2018.

3 hrs.