Good portable audio recorder to attach to dslr T3i?

Joe 02/10/2018. 5 answers
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Daniel K 02/11/2018.

keerok 02/11/2018.

Look at Zoom but don't attach. The dSLR was never meant to do audio.

letmepicyou 02/11/2018.

If your goal is to shoot video, I would abandon the T3i and move up to a T6s or T7i.

Johnny 02/11/2018.

sony 5000 2x double stick bunny with a flap screen fisheye 30 rimster

spacemissing 02/11/2018.

You would probably Not want to "attach" the two together.

Tascam, Zoom, and Sony make good portable audio recorders.

Prices start at about $100.