Can I take the GED test without going to "prepare" classes?

Anonymous 02/10/2018. 6 answers
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I see "prepare" classes but Where is the test taken?

6 Answers

drip 02/11/2018.

Google: (Your state) department of education GED

Laurie 02/11/2018.

Sure... if you paid attention in high school. The first thing they will do is give you a pre-test, to determine how much you need to study for each subject.

My son had to take preparatory classes in math; my daughter passed it the first time with no prep.

Bob 02/10/2018.

sure go for it

Mr. Smartypants 02/10/2018.

There are sample GED questions all over the place. I bet your local library has whole books of sample GED questions, and if you can do those you could probably pass the test. The GED is really just basic skills that everyone should have anyway--reading, basic math, etc.

Kyle 02/10/2018.

GED tests can be offered at many places. most common is local community colleges offer them. look up yours and see if they do.

rejectedsoul 02/10/2018.

you can but it is ill-advised and could lead to embarrassment