Is it normal for a 16 year old male to be 175cm (nearly 5”7- 5”8)? I’m really worried and I want a way to grow taller, thanks!?

Anonymous 02/10/2018. 13 answers
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Please don’t tell me that it’s determined by genes and no way to grow taller, thanks!

13 Answers

Anonymous 02/13/2018.

nothing you can do about it

Mkarim 02/12/2018.

You suck it up and deal with it.

I'm 5' 6" and plenty of women have been sexually attracted to me.[ Link ]

Being insecure about your height and appearance is far more unattractive than actually being short.

Learning to be happy with who you are is a struggle almost all people face. The fact that you disdain an aspect of yourself is the real problem, not your height. If it wasn't your height, it would be something else. You'd think you have an ugly face, or you're too fat or too skinny, or you're not athletic enough, or you're not smart enough, or you wish your hair was a different color, or your eyes, or your skin. There's always something-- there's always something with everyone.

I went through all of that, and I won't claim to be completely over it. But there comes a point when --and I say this as gently as I can-- you need to suck it up and deal with it.

I don't remember where I saw it (I thought it was Humans of New York though I haven't been able to find the exact post), but once I saw a photo of a guy missing an arm. It included a quote where he said that he used to be really upset about the fact that he was missing an arm. Things changed when eventually he remembered he still had one arm that was perfectly functional.

By focusing on your deficits, you're ignoring and even sabotaging the redeeming aspects of you and your identity, physically and intellectually. Some people are short. Do you know why some people are short? Because short people produce babies just like tall people. Because whoever in your family contributed "short genes" was found sexually attractive by someone of the opposite sex, and they produced offspring that led to you.

Focus on the parts of you that are attractive or have the potential to be. That's really your only choice. Sure, check out leg-lengthening surgeries. Make sure to pay close attention to what happened to people when the surgeries didn't See if that's still worth it to you. Right now, you have two perfectly functioning legs. You can walk, you can run, you can climb, you can get down on one knee one day, you can even thrust, dammit. Make certain you're really willing to risk all of that just to gain a few inches.

And make sure that, if you do go into surgery, that an attractive person leaves the surgery room, rather than a person who's been emotionally crippled from spending years convincing himself that his height made him unattractive.

Anonymous 02/12/2018.

Sorry, kid, there's no magic wand, and why would you want people to LIE to you and tell you there's some kind of a magic growth spell, when everyone knows 80% of height is genetic. The remaining 20% is nutritional but once you're in puberty it's too late to make a difference. Good nutrition also does not make you grow more than your genes allow.

Mike G 02/11/2018.

It's determined by genes. There's nothing you can do about it.

Puppy Eyes 02/11/2018.

Its normal, that's a good height for 16 but you could still grow another 5-8 inches since men keep growing until in their early 20s. My brother was bout 5"6 when he was your age now he is 23 and he is 5"11

Maks 02/11/2018.

That’s tall enough, You still have 2-3 years to grow but there’s nothing you can do to grow taller, I’m sorry but you cant do anything apart from eating well and exercising

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 02/11/2018.

At this point, most of the changes in diet which might have made you taller aren't an option.

Forget being taller, just start lifting weights, something you can control.

sats 02/11/2018.

You still have plenty of time, a growth spurt can be big.

Joe 02/11/2018.

It's determined by genes and there is no way to grow taller. Sorry.

kelvin 02/11/2018.

normal and why not worry about that when your done fully growing

Nicolas C 02/13/2018.

Lol you are already taller than me and I am 38. Nothing wrong with being shorter. Most women will find you attractive for who you are and for your looks. Hight generally has no impact on anything really. I am 5’6 and perfectly happy with it.

Ando San 02/11/2018.

Did you have proper nourishment growing up? You should stop growing around 20-21. Make sure to eat properly. Get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids and possibly multivitamins. It can't hurt. But the height you have at 21 is pretty much guaranteed to be final.

Sammy 02/11/2018.

OK, I won't.

Yeah, that's normal for you.